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Is the World Law Plan a Reliable Group? – Thomas

I am a vietnam veteran on disability. I can no longer work for health reasons. i’m trying to find best Debt re negodication plan out there because the Debt Management Plans a to high per month

Is the World Law Plan a reliable group. I live in virginia, so please stear me in the right direction. God Bless


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  • World law group will demand payments for months prior to actually attempting to contact your creditors. This company will not disclose fees and cannot tell you how much you will owe your creditors, you will get an “at least” X amount, but not an actual figure. STAY FAR FAR AWAY

  • World Law Plan is definitely a scam… Please listen to me people who
    are about to use them. I wish I had someone like myself to tell me not
    to use them. They will just take your money and there will be nothing
    you can do about it. You will not get a single dime back. They are crude
    people who steal from the poor. A class action lawsuit is underway for
    all those that were robbed from this company anyway. 

    • This is true. There is a law suit in NC also. A client of mine is using them and I don’t think he knows about the law suit or the scamming. I will have to let him know. This is terrible as this individual is in a very bad financial situation and this will make it just 100x’s worse. 🙁

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