Precision Law Center Tort Litigation Express Pak Hunting Hard for Suckers

Precision Law Center in South Coast Metro, California has changed up their typical mailer they have been sending to woo consumers to part with their hard earned money to participate in a lawsuit again mortgage companies in hopes of getting all sorts of perceived promised benefits.

The new fake looking government mailer now tries to spoof consumers into thinking it has been delivered by Federal Express. Just look at the cover, colors, font and layout below and tell me if that doesn’t look like a piece of FedEx mail. That is, if they sent mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

The mailer is neither registered or certified by any recognized delivery service.

It lists a tracking number that can’t be tracked and delivery was via the U.S. Post office, as you can see by the postal permit.

It is just a clever marketing piece to fool consumers into thinking it is something it is not.

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The outside of the mailer in the upside down hard to read type even says “We do not guarantee a successful outcome,” but the emails from the marketing representative the consumer spoke with sure gave a different impression.

The email forwarded to me by the reader says:

Email sent 8/8/2011 from Yasmin Ahmed:
Tort Litigation Lawsuit info from Yasmin
FROM:Yasmin Ahmed
Monday, August 8, 2011


Please find enclosed the requested information on joining the ongoing Tort Litigation. As you know, thousands of homeowners have been wronged by their banks, they have knowingly engaged in reckless and illegal lending practices. These allegations are consistent with the allegations that have already made their way into courts in the form of lawsuits, similar to what you have going on.

There are multiple potential outcomes for you, including:

•Principle Reduction: 80% of current market value and 2% fixed rate for the life of the loan.
•Full lien strip: Complete dismissal of your mortgage.
•Monetary Damage Award: Punitive damages awarded to the home owner based on MERS and other violations found.

Do go onto our web site at www.precisionlawcenter.com and go through the video links, I am also including a article on MERS for you to read as an attachment at the top.

To find out if a Tort litigation lawsuit may apply to your loan, fax me your Good Faith Estimate, Truth-In-Lending, and/or Note, and a Mortgage Statement, I will then have a Legal Analyst take a look at your documents and respond back.

I will look forward to helping you in this matter.


Yasmin Ahmed
Legal Intake

Direct Tel (657) 210-5219
Private Fax (657) 210-5319

But as you can see from the email the tipster (send in your tips here) says they received, the promises made to participate in the lawsuit. Notice the email from the “legal intake” person makes no mention that the suit could result in none of those potential outcomes or any guarantee of success at all.

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Bogus Form 1012-R Express Pak Mailer Inside

The inside of the mailer contains some real issues for me as well.

  1. The Form 1012-R says it is a Litigation Settlement Notification but there is no current settlement. That is a lie.
  2. The official looking mailer says a response is required by calling 877-266-0110, it’s not required. Another lie.
  3. The mailer contains a list of possible outcomes but fails to mention none of those outcomes may be possible.
  4. The mailer make no mention of the thousands of dollars it will cost the consumer to participate without one guarantee of any success.
  5. This is on top of the fact the outside front of the mailer is truly deceptive in my opinion.

Mailers like these confuse consumers into believing they are part of some award, are going to receive some benefit by participating, or the investment in a no guarantee of $5,000 to $6,000 is warranted.

The California Bar wants to hear from more consumers that have received such mailers from law firm. You can notify the California Bar here.

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