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Are There Any Government Programs to Get Some Debt Forgiven? – Donna

Awhile back my husband and I took out a small mortgage on our home and paid off all our back bills that got behind. We paid off credit cards, my student loans and then I applied for credit to build up my credit again and I was doing fine with the payments paying the bills on time and in full each month. All was great for about 2 years when my job that I had lowered my hours from 36 to 10 and I also became disabled at that time and was unable to work any longer at the second job I had that I made good money at. My husband at this time also lost his job through a mass layoff, from a job he held for over 35 years. He went on unemployment and was able to cover most of the bills and I helped with the others but of course it was paying house bills and food or credit card bills so the credit cards were what suffered. I do now work part time and collect disability but want to pay off my debt but was wondering if there was a way to have some of the deb t forgiven through any programs from the government? I am not one to not want to pay my bills and want to build my credit up again as even the mortgage got behind during this mess but we got that straightened up…but want to fix my credit cards so as to get them back again. Please help me. I have no money to work with agencies and am very weary of the scams out there.

Is there any goverment programs that will help a disabled person get out of debt legally and be able to regain their credit back again? I am not a deadbeat just a person who has been hit with hard times.


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