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have been a customer of DMB for 2 years and they have help me settle two debts. I have one left and I felt they are not doing a good job on this last debt. Their customer service has gone from excellent to poor since I started working with them. I know there have been staff changes, however, the new staff don’t seem to be educated in what they are doing. I have had funds built up in my DMB (Global Account) and don’t understand why they didn’t try and settle with this last company. The last debt to be paid off is with Chase Bank. Timothy E Baxter and Associates is the debt collector. In July they placed a judgement on my record and DMB made arrangements to send them monthly payments of $400.00 per month.

The balance is around $16,000.00. My credit score was slowing going up and took a dive due to the public record. Now I receive a notice to garnish my state tax return. I faxed my letter to DBM and can’t get any one to answer my question as to if they are going to call or if I should call. I pay DMB the monthly fee and I wonder if I should just take and work with the law office myself since DMB have put me in a worse situation. I don’t think they care anymore… Plus once they settle I will owe DMB 25% and I think I may be able to do this on my own. Please advise.

Jo Ann

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