My Mother is on a Fixed Income But Has $87K of Credit Card Debt. – Christopher

“Dear Steve,

I have 2 situations:

1) 51 year old male, am unemployed, have approx $45K in debt

2) mom, 72 years old, $87K worth of CC debt, fixed income, playing interest every month, but getting no where.

I was actually wondering if you recommend the various services that advertise on your website, or if you have a list of companies you recommend and why, verses a list of companies you DON’T recommend, or ones to stay away from and why.

In short, I am going to try to shorten my research time. My older brother who is the Power of Attorney asked me to find a solution for mom, so they are going to ask me a 1,000 questions about the various different options. My dad is old school and doesn’t want to do bankruptcy, but we need to step in and help because my mom is just spinning wheels and getting in a deeper hole.

If you have some recommendations or need some more information please let me know. I appreciate your help, insight and expertise.


Dear Christopher,

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Regarding the ads on the site, if you click the link below the ads you will see the site terms which say:

Site visitors should exercise the same level of caution when selecting a merchant or provider from links or advertisements on this site as they would if they found the link elsewhere. The fact that an ad appears and is linked is NOT an endorsement from this site.

I understand you are looking for a quick fix and your father does not want to consider bankruptcy. If your mother is on a fixed income, she has few assets and simply is treading water with interest then her options are very limited.

We could go into details but based on your need to uncover a comprehensive solution and deal with multiple family members I would strongly suggest you contact Damon Day for a telephone consultation. He will be able to guide you and your family through to a solution. Best yet, as an independent debt coach he can work with your family to help you through this.

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I’m really not passing the buck here. I am referring you off to Damon Day based on the limitations you have given and the fact other family members are involved that will have many questions and will benefit more from having someone they can talk to.

But as you your situation, what your plan for dealing with your debt? When do your benefits end and what is the plan if you don’t find a job?

Please update me on your progress by

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