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R&N Consulting and Timeline Debt Solutions Won’t Give Back Our Money. – Brenda

“Dear Steve,

57 yr old Ontario female that was looking to get out of debt and came across Rick and Timeline Debt.
They took my monies for 6 months then cancelled my contract.

Rick promised me that they had a Canadian office and they had no problems working from the states. After 6 months, he cancelled my contract saying that TD bank would not work with his company and the bank had filed suit to get a judgement or lien on my house. In his cancellation letter he promised a full refund which I did not recieve but did get 1/3 the amount.

Since then I paid 600 more to the credit card companies, 60 to the court, 400 to Ontario Debt solutions. I have received acceptance on my consumer proposal and paying 125 a month as of Sept 15.

Rick promised a full refund of my contract when he cancelled me and only received 1/3 the amount. There is still 1,000.00 owing. I lodged a complainty with BBB in September but just received an email that they can’t do anything about this.

I am wondering what I can do next.

Also is there a lawsuit I can get involved in or can we let more people know about this scam artist.


Dear Brenda,

From documentation you provided along with your questions I see that Timeline Debt Solutions is related to R&N Consulting Group. It appears the Rick you refer to is Ricky Permanand and the N in R&N is Nicholas Salerno, gentlemen I have written about before.

Based on their past issues and the fact they are alleged to be actively under investigation in Florida for previous activities (link) I would think that following this process would be the best chance of getting a full refund. Follow each step of the process to get best results.

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.

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