Will I Ever Get My Money Back from Real Talk Network? – Marvin

“Dear Steve,

I have several accounts in collections that I need to resolve. I was working with RTN until they went under. I kind of just accepted it and did nothing until I found a letter from ICEE the other day. A Google search led me to you.

Question 1 : Is there any way you know of to get some kind of re-embursement from RTN/ICEE.

Question 2 : I’m not sure what to do now as far as resolving my debt problem. Where should I start?


Dear Marvin,

Sadly the chances of you getting your money back are slim. Probably the best bet is going to be for you to file a suit in your local small claims court and hope you can enforce it to collect something.

If you can post more information about what your current debt problem is in the comments I’m sure we can get you headed in the right direction.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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3 thoughts on “Will I Ever Get My Money Back from Real Talk Network? – Marvin”

  1. He is at it again!! The nerve of this guy.  I never got or sought a refund but would LOVE one, of course.  After hearing nothing from them after they charged my Credit Card and went under I got this email today:

    “Real Talk Network Status

     I thought I would write you a personal note.  It has come to my
    attention that you may not be aware of the Real Talk Network status. 
    Though Real Talk is no longer operating I have created a process that
    allows me to personally coach all Real Talk clients.  This is available
    to you regardless of whether or not you have received a refund.  Yes
    that means whether you where successful at the program or not I will
    coach you.  I charge nothing for what I’m doing.  I am also coaching
    anyone that wants to be coached at no cost and wish to contribute to
    others.   The results have been wonderful for all that have participated
    and most are saying, “ this is what I originally signed up for”.  If
    you have not received a refund please do not email me back requesting
    one the only option is to continue coaching with myself.   If you want
    to continue forward and get coached out of debt I will personally coach
    you.  To get details I have set up a process to follow with videos to
    reacquaint you and then we can begin.  Please go to http://www.daveburke.me. 
    If you choose this positive action I will be grateful for the
    opportunity to complete and fulfill what we had previously intended and
    contribute to each other!



    Dave Burke




    This message was sent to jhowlettzx7@yahoo.com from:

    dave burke | P.O. Box 640
    | Henderson, Colorado 80640

    Email Marketing by



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    So it sounds like since he is emphasizing “free” he is working around his court order though he still lists a CO address…interested in your thoughts.

    • Interesting that the coaching that is due people that should have received a refund are also available to all for free. I’ll take the refund then.

      This email is also allegedly going out as well:

      I have been working on this for 2 years to figure out how to give away my $3500 debt free system!

      I have finally done it!

      I have figured out how to give my system away and help thousands of people out of debt for free!

      Monday Evening 6:30 pm Pacific! 7:30 pm Mountain
      July 30th 2012

      In addition after an exhaustive 18 month search for alternative income


      As you guys know we have all been searching, AND PAYING
      > for almost useless knowledge for the better part of our adult lives.
      > I can’t tell you how long it took me to find THIS as my memory
      > has been tainted by so much garbage out there.
      > I’m going to share this will all of you, but please PROMISE ME
      > Eventually I will open this up to the country, but I only think it’s
      > fair……….
      > That you my friends are the first to share in this with me I can only
      > get
      > this presenter one night as he is booked SOLID, and he won’t allow it
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  2. If we were a victim of David Burke and lets say he owes me 3497; now that they have settled, how much can we expect to see?


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