Delta Discount Travel Fax – Stay Away

Here is a spam fax going around that you should stay away from. While the fax is not about debt it can result in problem debt from being scammed.

The fax says you should call 877-807-7608 for a 6 day and 5 night vacation for $199 per person. The unsolicited fax even uses the Delta Airlines logo.

Consumers online report the following about the fax.

I’ve been in the middle of a complete fiasco with this company for several days now. The company claims to be “Corporate Travel Partners” located in El Paso, TX. I spoke with a guy named Mark Kelly. He gave me the name Josh Klein as his manager. I fell for this scam and gave them my CC info. I’m in the process of filing disputes with the CC company to get my money back.

Since finding out it was a scam, I’ve called back several times. Each time, I ask a lot of questions. One guy, James, even claimed he worked for Delta directly. Of course I knew it was false, so I asked a few more questions. He said “have a nice day sir” and hung up.

Just a suggestion – if you want to help stop these kinds of people, report them, or simply waste their time like they did ours. Call them and leave the phone on your desk till they hang up. Or call and just ask lots of questions. Either way, you’re keeping them too busy to scam other people.

Called for details and they hung up. Called back for a supervisor and was told they hung up because they were sold out. It felt like a scam. They are not related to Delta whose logo they use and there removal # is a fraud also. I hope no one ever falls for this racket. When I asked for the travel agency name they gave a false one.

I’ve been getting the same fax for months, but ignored it because I know that calling the number to remove my phone from the call list only confirms that it is a valid phone number which makes the number even more valuable as they sell it to thousands of other telemarketer scum throughout the world.

But feeling a bit testy today, I called the reservation number to talk to an agent. After acting like I was interested in one of their packages and letting him go off the phone to come back and report that the package I was calling about was no longer available, but that he had two others: one for two people and one for four. I told him I was interested in the two-person package, but before he got into the particulars, I asked him for the name of his company. He said he is an agent for an outsource company which has partnered with Delta to arrange travel packages for them. Eventually he gave up the name of the company as Corporate Travel Partners (fake, I am sure). At that point I told him I had intentionally wasted his time since his company had wasted my ink and paper over the past few months. He proceeded to hurl expletives at me, told me he knows has my cell phone number (which he read back to me), said he now has it on speed dial, and will be using it frequently–followed by some more expletives. Called Delta to report this company and the agent I spoke to said they really have no control over other travel companies and had no interest in lodging my complaint regarding unwanted faxes. I’m not flying Delta, needless to say. – Source

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