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Can You Expose World Law Direct?

“Dear Steve,

I’m just over 60, widowed, and am beginning to think anyone over 55 have targets painted on our backs.

.A few days ago I got a call from someone one from a Financial Advisors company in florida. They wanted to “help me” with my credit card debt.

Seemed odd since I pay off my debt each month, I am still operating the company my husband and I opened over 25 years ago.

He reminded me of a barker at a carnival. World Law would do this for me, World Law would do that for me, they’d send a paralegal or attorney assistant (some damn flunkie, I think) to me to “help me” with the contract.

I may be old but I am not stupid. I did some searching. I cannot find this so called law firm listed with the bar in four states that I checked, Florida, AZ, TX or CA. I can’t find a Secretary of State listing for them or for the Financial Advisor outfit. I can’t find a BBB that says good things about them:

This is an example.

I also can’t find a history of them before the last year or so.

I am sick and tired of being preyed upon by those who think old equals stupid. This is your particular area of expertise, perhaps you can expose these charlatans.

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Thanks for reaching out to me. I’ve written about World Law before but your impression of the pitch was interesting.

I was intrigued that they were reaching out to you when you were not delinquent.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • I used World Law Direct and had a great experience. I had $14k in unsecured Credit Card debt and I was debt free in 26 months. Consumers may have different results I suppose but I was grateful for everything they did!!

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