Zwicker and Associates is Suing Us for Chase. We are 74 And Don’t Know What to Do. – Nilda

“Dear Steve,

My husband received summons to appear in court from Zwicker and Associates representing Chase Card. My husband is 74 and does not know what to do.

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I’ve read a lot of questions and answers from your website. I know we have to respond to the summons with in 20 days. Do we have to send a discovery letter to the attorney representing Zwicker with a copy to the court? Please Help!!


Dear Nilda,

I’m going to have t ask you a few questions first before I can get you headed the right direction.

1. How much is the debt?
2. Is this the only unsecured debt you owe?
3. Do you have any assets like cash, stock or equity in your house that a creditor can go after?
4. Are either of you employed or do you live off of Social Security or other retirement funds?
5. What state do you live in?
6. Have you filed bankruptcy in the past eight years?
7. Is this a debt you recognize and did run up?

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