Coupons Saved Newlywed’s Household

Yesterday, I sat down over snacks with my friend Ann, my personal coupon guru, to talk couponing.

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In the very early days of us meeting I overheard her telling a friend, “I’ve got to get home and organize my coupons for tomorrow!” Intrigued, I jumped in the conversation and asked “what for?” She explained that Super Double Coupons at Harris Teeter started the next day and she needed to get organized for her morning shopping trip. I had never seen someone so excited to go grocery shopping or even heard of Super Double Coupons or entertained the idea of couponing. We then sat down and talked in length about how much she had saved shopping smart and how easy it was. Right then and there my eyes opened to an entire world I never knew existed. The world of couponing.

Ann has been couponing for four months now and shares her knowledge to anyone that’s interested. Soon after getting married she realized something needed to change with their grocery spending habits. After a horrific and wallet shattering shopping trip for basic necessities she felt emotionally distressed as most of her monthly wages had gone to one shopping trip. Ann then worked in a day care and made less than she wanted, she has always known the value of a dollar but needed to find a way to stretch that dollar. She turned to couponing and her life and wallet changed forever.

Over the past four months Ann has saved an estimated $1,000 by shopping smart with the help of coupons. In the interview below she sheds light on her personal journey from her first shopping experience as a married woman and the money worries that soon followed. With the help of her friend she changed her spending habits and shaved money off her grocery trips; allowing her to provide a healthy, well stocked household and gain peace of mind.

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Her and her husband now like to sit down after a shopping trip and discuss all of the money she saved at the store. She explains how even if she spends $100 on a trip that would have cost $300 without coupons there is a personal victory and feeling of accomplishment. She comments that couponing is not a one time thing but a habit if you’re in the market to save some money. It takes discipline and organization but once you get the hang of it it’s exciting to see the money you’ve saved.

Ann now visits the grocery store once every three weeks for big hauls of groceries and a few times in between for fresh produce and perishable necessitates. Her grocery bill has been cut in half, if not more which has eased the money woes of married life and allows her and her husband more money to do things together.

Have a listen below as we talk about her early married life, the start of her couponing, her thoughts on TLC’s new “Extreme Couponing” show and advise for newbie couponers!

Comment with your personal couponing stories or goals you wish you could accomplish with couponing!!