Nationwide Credit Keeps Trying to Collect on an Old Credit One Car Loan I Fully Paid Off. – Selena

“Dear Jeremy,

I completed paying off my car loan as of 12/2010. I own some late fee’s and the collection company has been giving me a hard time verifying who they are and has threaten to repo my car, given me a actual date in when they were coming pick it up. Which that date has come and gone.

Now my question is, can I be sued and or my car repo for late fees only?

I am not in default and the original creditor has been receiving my payments 30 days late or more for over a year, right down to my final payment.

My loan did not Accelerate, there was no notice of acceleration. I sent a certified letter to the collection agency on March 25, 2011. No response since.

I live in the state of Ohio.

Isn’t there a law or rule that states if I have fulfil my loan obligation, but there remains other fees, they can not come after me nor can they repo my car.

Can you help me find somewhere in ORC or somewhere under contract laws of ohio, if I am in default with a paid off car loan and could the creditor repo my car after the obligation has been paid off for late fees?


Dear Selena,

That is a great question that, unfortunately, I have seen from time to time. You will need to discuss your situation with an attorney from Ohio because a lot depends on your home state’s laws. But I will say that I do have a lot faith in our justice system.

In most cases when people act in good faith they are vindicated. And the greedy, overreaching companies tend to fall flat on their face.

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