My Identity Was Stolen and Collection is Trying to Get Money From Me That I Never Owed. – Barbara

“Dear Jeremy,

Indenity theft 10 years ago 3 cards.

(I had a house for sale in a another city. They got my mail. They changed my address back to that house)
One I paid off. Someone used my card I already taken out. and I could prove that I did not use it. I was teaching in a classroom in City B while my card was being used in city A. they refused to dismiss. My address had been changed back. $5000 racked up in thirty days.

2nd card $5000(I did not open), I cancelled explained, and I did not owe

3rd card $5000(I did not open)let them know etc etc. Credit card company sold it over and over and are still pursuing. Now $19000

Over and over the first 3 or 4 years, explained documented, etc. I finally just ignored it.

Any thing to fear, anything I can do about third card?


Dear Barbara,

When you discover you are the victim of identity theft the initial steps are to file a police report and then check your credit report.

You should also place a fraud alert on your credit report and dispute any accounts that are not yours with the credit bureau.

The next step is to dispute each fraudulent account with the collector. Be sure to send a dispute in writing via certified return receipt requested and include a copy of the police report.

Hopefully, this will clear up the mess. If not, there are good consumer protection statutes that protect victims of identity theft, including the FDCPA.

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