Something Seems Fishy About My Homeowners Advocate and Impact Debt Settlement. – Josh

“Dear Steve,

I recently ran into this loan modification company and wanted some help researching them. Something just doesnt seem right here. The companies website is

It appears Sean Horan owns the business from what the BBB has here They have an F Rating

Its odd that this Loan Modifcation company is located at the same office as Impact Debt Settlement Inc. and owned by the same guy Sean Horan.

I found My Home Owners Advocate through this website that appears to be a government backed website

Yet a more thourough research it appears that this HomeOwners Advocate is just a fake bureau or something made to trick clients. Can you find out if the company My Home Owners Advocate owns the website as well? This supposed website
says they are the best company to work with etc. I believe this website and a company is a front and false company potentially praying on innocent citizens.

Something just seems fishy.


Dear Josh,

And just when I had said to myself, “after the next question I’m going to head out for a motorcycle ride.” I fear this one is going to eliminate that ride as I look into your concerns.

The last public record of ownership for says it is owned by:
Impact Debt Settlement
Sean Horan
[email protected]
6740 Nancy Ridge
San Diego, CA 92054

The other companies listed on the page are: – Source

  • – A lead generation site owned by HotLiveLeads.
  • – A lead generation site owned by HotLiveLeads
  • – The link says org but it actually goes to com. The sites does not work but the error message indicates a Dan Feuer may be involved. (Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host ‘’ (2) in/home/content/d/a/n/danfeuer1/html/loanhelper/includes/convars.php on line 2 Unknown MySQL server host ‘’ (2)
  • – Was last publicly identified as being owned by Jacob Holcomb of Lead Services. [email protected]
  • – which appears to be another lead generation site.
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Homeowners Advocates Appears to be a Scam

The Homeowners Advocates website describes itself as:

Homeowners Advocate is a consumer-protection association specifically committed to promoting fair and ethical business practices by loan modification companies. Founded in 2009, Homeowners Advocate serves to protect consumers by setting the highest standards of compliance for these companies. It employs a three-part system to better ensure compliance is met: a formula-based rating system; the ability to file complaints against a company on Homeowners; and full disclosure of loan modification company complaints, violations and resolutions. These three parts work together, arming consumers with the information they need to choose a loan modification company, empowering them to seek resolution for valid complaints, and encouraging loan modification companies to keep consumer protection top-of-mind.

Companies that achieve Homeowners Advocate accreditation agree to accept continuous oversight, exhibit transparency in their business practices, and adhere to the organization’s high business practice standards. Homeowners Advocate also serves to educate loan modification companies on the importance of consumer protection and ethical business practices, as well as on state and federal legislation that affects the industry. – Source

The say they are located at 1025 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20036.

Interestingly enough the address is incomplete and does not identify the suite in this multistory office building they are actually located in. There is a virtual office space provider in this building they might be using as a simple mail drop.

The link you gave me for the BBB listing of My Homeowners Advocate was helpful. You are correct that it identifies the president as Sean Horan. – Source

According to the State of California My Homeowners Advocate is located at:
6740 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

That is the same address as Impact Debt Settlement. – Source

I think we don’t need to dig any further for me to be able to tell you to RUN AWAY.

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I’m specifically concerned with the fake homeowners advocacy site that makes all sorts of consumer protection claims but in fact appears to direct people back primarily to a site owned by the same person in a commercial activity and then to a string of lead companies. It appears to be nothing more than utter bullshit.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and giving me a chance to look into this marketing effort that appears to be deceptive.

That didn’t take as long as I thought, and now I’m going for that ride.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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153 thoughts on “Something Seems Fishy About My Homeowners Advocate and Impact Debt Settlement. – Josh”

  1. Impact Debt Settlement is the same as My Homeowner’s Advocate and the SAME as Accredited Home Advocate. They are all run by a bunch of scammers. RUN AWAY.

    They will take your money and do nothing to help you.

  2. We used My Homeowner’s Advocate, which runs you through HOALM, both are scams. “Utter bullsit” is a great way to desribe them. After a year, $4195 we are in foreclosure! DO NOT USE THEM< RUN AWAY!!!

  3. OMG! They just got me. I gave them 3495 and now theyre harassing me for 1500.- They said its for the audit of my loan @ the bank. Do I have a chance to get this money back?  Helllllpppppppp pleeeaaassseeee!

  4. To all of those who have not gotten a refund and I am sure there are plenty of us dont give up we can band together and make a difference HOALM and my home advocate aka Sean Horan has not heard the last of us!! I have an attorney who is interested in this situation and if I can get enough interested people I will turn over the information to them, no promisses but what are you getting now.

      John Manson   [email protected]


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