Is World Law Plan a Legit Company? – Lisa

“Dear Steve,

I received a letter from World Law Plan and spoke with someone regarding my debt situation. The program sounds great (which obviously i wasnt shocked), but i am very skeptical and am wondering if this a trust worthy company.

Is World Law Plan legit and trustworthy? Should i be aware of anything? Will they actually help me or will i be screwed?



Dear Lisa,

Well I’d love to see the letter and what the sales pitch was but without it I can only give you some general advice.

If you have been contacted with an advertising mailer you need to put the letter into context. The letter is designed to get you to call so the debt relief company can market to you. And that might be fine if the service they offer is best suited for your situation. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about your financial situation to comment on that.

Post an update in the comments section below on what is going on and what about the letter caught your eye. Let’s take this in steps and see if the solution pitched to you makes sense for your situation.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “Is World Law Plan a Legit Company? – Lisa”

  1. Dear Steve,

    World Law Group is a scam, these weasels talked my brother into their debt consolidation gimick. He had 4 credit cards totaling 17,000 of debt. They charge 3,000 to call and settle with credit cards and an additional 10,000 in law fees, plus they ruined his credit went from over 700 down to 595.
    To pay 13,000 for 17,000 in debt is retarded. They called him on the phone when he was on the no call list, and then sent him a e-mail contract and have already taken 600 out of his bank account and has not paid the credit card companies. In fact, one card Discover called him today about no payment.
    What should he do? What have you heard about these people? I hate to see them do this to someone else?

    Personally I called my lawyer, have a meeting Monday.


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