Do You Know of Any Super Rich People That Would Bail Me Out of Debt? – Mark

“Dear Michael,

apprx $3800.00 no job , on foodstamps,and my emergency unemployment checks ended

i have had a horrible year first kicked out of where i was living second girlfriend broke up with me 3rd fired from my job as a security officer almost 4 yrs at company new owners took over business 4th my sister died at 46 in michigan 5th my birth mother died at 73 in michigan ,my birth father has had diabetic problem,4 stints put in for anuersusism,had lung cancer, i am currently living in florida with father and stepmom at 43 yrs of age and it is not easy i just got out of the hospital 5-9-2011 due to all the stress and anxiety hoping they cover the bill i have no health insurrance and no job

just wondering if the super rich ever help ordinary poor white american males with no kids etc…
like oprah,donald trump,biil gates ,

thank’s for the info


Hi Mark,

Unfortunately I do not know of any programs sponsored by ultra wealthy to provide direct assistance to those in need.

There are local and national programs to assist. There are also local faith based assistance programs that you can look into.

Are you able to draw unemployment?

Have you applied for SNAP (food stamps)? Go to benefits.gov for more information.

Depending on the hospital you visited you may find that you are able to apply for and receive the services at no cost based on your lack of income and assets. Speak to the billing department about any programs the hospital may have available and request the paperwork required to apply.

I have you looked at work programs such as federally funded Experience Works? This may provide a source of part time work until you find something more permanent.

Best of wishes in a quick return to financial stability!

Michael Bovee has worked with financially challenged consumers for the past 17 years and is a recognized expert in his field. Michael founded Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) in 2006. CRN offers debt settlement services and educational resources nationwide. He has served as its president since 2006.

If you have a debt related question you’d like to ask, just use the online form.

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