I Used to Be Debt Free But Since We Lost Food Stamps We Just Can’t Make It. – Joshua

“Dear Steve, Well, I used to be debt free. I paid all my bills on time, even early. I did have food stamps which helped a lot. I had one daughter. I got married and with my wife’s income and mine we lost food stamps. We now have three children. It seems like ever since … Read more

We Can Only Afford to Eat Once a Day. How Can We Get By? – Brenda

“Dear Steve, Husband and I are both on Social Security. He and I have several health issues making it impossable to work. We own our house but with all of the drs and hospital bills and our monthly payments we can not get ahead we live from month to month. We only eat one time … Read more

Do You Know of Any Super Rich People That Would Bail Me Out of Debt? – Mark

“Dear Michael, apprx $3800.00 no job , on foodstamps,and my emergency unemployment checks ended i have had a horrible year first kicked out of where i was living second girlfriend broke up with me 3rd fired from my job as a security officer almost 4 yrs at company new owners took over business 4th my … Read more

I’m on a Fixed Income and Can’t Afford My Minimum Credit Card Payment. – Theresa

Theresa “Dear Steve, I’m on a fixed income and finding it more and more difficult to pay my credit card’s monthly minimum payment. My credit is already pretty well shot as I had to let my car go (voluntarily repossessed) last summer and I’m currently in negotiation to settle a small business loan (SBA). That … Read more

I’m Having Problems With Disability Debt. – Christine

“Hi Steve! I found your site, googling “disability debt” and was happy to see your latest post. I receive $1200 in ssdi payments a month. in addition, i worked part time, earning an additional $600 or so. I lost my job in October, and not having that $600 means i have racked up about $2k … Read more

I am Disabled and Worried About Paying My Credit Debt. – Patricia

Patricia “Dear Steve, I am disabled and worried about paying my credit debt. I’m raising my 8yr.old granddaughter and only get 1,000 a month. My aunt died and is unable to pay funral bill and credit cards that I trusted family to pay and they did not what should I do im losing hope? My … Read more

I’m Unemployed, Homeless, Pregnant, and Just Lost My Car. – Jannie

Jannie “Dear Steve, I’m pregnant and unemployed, I have about $13,800 in debt and I’m about to have no place to stay, I’m receiving unemployment right now, and my car just got taken away from me. Is there anyway that you or anybody else could help me? Jannie” Dear Janie, Sadly, this is not the … Read more