We Can Only Afford to Eat Once a Day. How Can We Get By? – Brenda

“Dear Steve, Husband and I are both on Social Security. He and I have several health issues making it impossable to work. We own our house but with all of the drs and hospital bills and our monthly payments we can not get ahead we live from month to month. We only eat one time … Read more

Do You Know of Any Super Rich People That Would Bail Me Out of Debt? – Mark

“Dear Michael, apprx $3800.00 no job , on foodstamps,and my emergency unemployment checks ended i have had a horrible year first kicked out of where i was living second girlfriend broke up with me 3rd fired from my job as a security officer almost 4 yrs at company new owners took over business 4th my … Read more

Thu Wrote Me And Said “I’m Really Struggling, My Husband is Disabled, How Can I Get Out Of Debt?”

“Dear Steve, I’m married, my husband is disabled. I have 3 growing children and a 6 year old disabled child. My payroll checks go straight to bills. I use the credit card for foods and miscellaneous household items. I’m really struggling. I go to work in deep depression and stressful almost everyday. How do I … Read more

I Got Divorced Three Years Ago and I’m Drowning in Debt. – Mary

“Dear Steve, I live in North Carolina and have several payday loans that I stupidly took out. Now I can’t pay them. I know you have heard this story many times. Paramount Recovery Services is collecting for one of the payday loan companies and wants to charge me $200/month for 6 months. What can these … Read more

We Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck and We Don’t Know What to Do. – Cynthia

“Dear Steve, We make about $5,000 a month, there are five of us. Try as we might we cannot save any money. We are living paycheck to paycheck. We don’t know what to do. We have no credit cards and our rent is $850 and the car payment is $380 and then all your standard … Read more