“We Can Sell Your Timeshare” Scammer Get 10 Years in Prison

Over the past few years, during this economic downturn, scammers have been promising consumers with timeshares, they could sell them.

The vast majority of the time it was simply a scam to get timeshare owners to part with money for services, only to never really have their timeshare sold.

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One such crook was Darnell Disroe at Real Timeshare Marketing. You can see his mugshot to the left.

Disroe pled guilty to taking money from consumers who he told he would sell their timeshare. In return for his guilty plea, Disroe receive 10 years in jail and $1.1 million to pay in restitution.

The trio of Darnell Disroe, Michael Lentine, and Michael Starace are said to have generate 36 complaints with the Florida Attorney’s General office

Based in Boynton Beach, Disroe was arrested in Broward County on fraud charges in 2008 and required to pay more than $380,000 in restitution with 10 years of probation, according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement records. He also received 2 1/2 years of probation in a 2005 cocaine possession case, records show.

Lentine and Starace, with at least 18 arrests between them for charges ranging from shoplifting to drugs, were described as a car detailer and bartender, respectively, in arrest reports.

Michael Lentine, 32, of Boynton Beach was sentenced to 51 months. Michael Starace, 43, of Lantana got 18 months. – Source

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