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Charleston Man Gets More Than Three Years in Federal Prison for Timeshare Fraud

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CHARLESTON, WV—United States Attorney Booth Goodwin announced today that David Brandon Ball, 35, of Charleston, was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison for defrauding timeshare owners throughout the United States and Canada. Ball and an associate, David Andrew Glynn, formed Mountain State Resales, LLC (MSR), a bogus company used to defraud timeshare owners of money. Ball and his associates ... Read More »

    Will Wyndham Capital Cove Force Us Into Bankruptcy?

    middle age couple

    “Dear Steve, My wife and I purchased a time-share at Capital Cove thru Wyndham near Washington, D.C. During a follow-up session my wife and I were told we had to upgrade or we would not be able to keep our perks of being VIPs in the company. After several attempts to make reservations, 10 months out, and not being able ... Read More »

      Timeshare Resale Scam Infographic


      The FTC gets clever and puts of a great infographic on timeshare resale scams. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Big Hug! Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask just use the online form. Read More »

        How Can We Go About Selling Our Timeshare Without Getting Scammed? – Lisa

        money down the drain

        “Hello again Steve. I have another question. My husband and I own a timeshare with Shell Vacation Club. It was paid off in January of this year. The monthly maintenance fees are $74. We don’t use the timeshare that much and we are considering selling the timeshare. I’ve heard its very difficult to sell timeshares and that there are a ... Read More »

          Should I Use GreenPath Debt Solutions and Sell My Timeshare? – Briana

          Old rundown building.

          “Dear Steve, I have $20,000 of credit card debt and I own a timeshare that I can use every other year. I am interested in looking for a path to be debt free and possibly sell my timeshare. I don’t know where to start, and I have heard that timeshares are difficult to sell. I have been researching my options, ... Read More »

            Thinking of Selling a Timeshare? Be Careful. Deception by Marketers Still a Problem.

            Ready to Collapse

            The Federal Trade Commission today announced the owner of a telemarketing operation that deceived consumers who were trying to sell their timeshare properties is permanently banned from the timeshare resale and rental business, and from all telemarketing, under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement followed a court ruling that the company violated the FTC Act and Telemarketing ... Read More »

              FTC Jumps in With Florida to Go After Timeshare Resale Deception

              Ready to Collapse

              The Federal Trade Commission and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi brought legal action against a timeshare rental/resale telemarketing business and its owner for allegedly deceiving thousands of consumers throughout the country into paying up to $2,000 based on false promises that they had buyers or renters lined up for consumers’ timeshare properties, and then failing to deliver promised refunds. At ... Read More »

                The Timeshare Canceled My Big Debt to Them. Now What? – Craig

                Ready to Collapse

                Hi all, I’ve been cleaning up the last of my debt over the past couple of years. I was planning to go and settle with a defaulted Timeshare at some point. But on Friday I received a 1099-C from the Timeshare canceling my $9500 balance on my debt. While on the one hand this is great news, it brings up ... Read More »

                  What Are the Options for Timeshare Owners Who Want Out? – Hollis

                  Ready to Collapse

                  I own a timeshare that I wish I didn’t own. I paid about $12000 cash for it – no debt – and have kept current on my quarterly maintenance payments of about $160. Without going into too much personal detail, the problem is – I’m probably never going to use it. And there are thousands of happy fools just like ... Read More »

                    “We Can Sell Your Timeshare” Scammer Get 10 Years in Prison

                    Darnell Disroe

                    Over the past few years, during this economic downturn, scammers have been promising consumers with timeshares, they could sell them. The vast majority of the time it was simply a scam to get timeshare owners to part with money for services, only to never really have their timeshare sold. One such crook was Darnell Disroe at Real Timeshare Marketing. You ... Read More »

                      Door Slams Shut on Timeshare Resale Scam by FTC

                      Ready to Collapse

                      At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal district court has issued a temporary restraining order against a Florida-based telemarketing scheme that allegedly tricked timeshare owners who sought to sell their timeshare properties. VACATION PROPERTY SERVICES, INC.; VACATION PROPERTY SELLERS, INC. d/b/a Timeshare Experts; HIGHER LEVEL MARKETING, INC. d/b/a Vacation Property Services; ALBERT M. WILSON; DAVID S. TAYLOR and FRANK ... Read More »

                        My Husband is Ill. How Do We Get Out of This Timeshare? – Dorthella

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, We have $30,000 in credit card debt. we are current and are making payments on all of them that will pay them off in 3 years. I have one credit card that I charge gas & groceries and pay off in full each month. We have a timeshare with Shell Vacation in California, it is a points system ... Read More »

                          FTC Takes Action Against Timeshare Resellers. And They Should.

                          Ready to Collapse

                          I don’t know what is worse these days, people selling timeshares, people buying timeshares or people claiming to be able to resell timeshares. Well the FTC just recently took action against some timeshare resellers who were out to inflict pain on consumers. I love the title for the press release from the FTC on this as well. Funny. Get Out ... Read More »

                            Consumers Should Exercise Caution When Selling a Timeshare Through a Reseller

                            Ready to Collapse

                            The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, offered these tips for people who seek to sell their timeshare through real estate brokers and agents that specialize in reselling timeshares: Even if the salesperson claims the local market is “hot,” or his office is overwhelmed with buyer requests, don’t agree to anything on the phone or online before checking ... Read More »

                              Finally, More Action Against Timeshare Resale Companies That Screw Desperate Consumers

                              Ready to Collapse

                              Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced that his office has filed lawsuits against three Florida companies, alleging the companies and their owners used deceptive and unfair practices that enticed consumers to spend hundreds of dollars to advertise their timeshares for resale with the companies. All three lawsuits are seeking restitution for affected consumers as well as court orders prohibiting the ... Read More »

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