Sizzler Cleans Out Paralegal Bank Account. Jesus Can’t Help. The Problem With Debt Cards.

For years people continue to try and convince me that debit cards are better than credit cards. Those arguments just won’t fly because there is no getting around the basic fundamental problem of debt cards, they are a direct link into your bank account.

Time and time again I’ve heard or read stories of people that have had transaction go wrong and drain their bank accounts. And here is another.

Cheap tipper Brenda Mason of Mason’s Paralegal Service, went to a Sizzler restaurant and intended to leave a $5 tip on a $58.97 bill. Instead the transaction was processed incorrectly and Sizzler hit her debit card and business bank account for a $14,938 tip. This lead to Mason not being able to meet payroll and other bills.

If Mason had used a credit card instead, the transaction could have been reversed without it impacting her business bank account and payroll would have been met. The bottom line to remember is that a credit card gives you an additional layer of protection over a debit card.

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