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Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1604300

Consumer Said: “I sent a principal payment to Wells Fargo of {$40000.00}. They cashed the check on XXXX XXXX, 2015. They will not credit my account until the cycle ” is up. Therefore, I am not receiving any interest on my deposit or credit on my mortgage. The amount I should get is {$4.00} per day. This does not seem ... Read More »

    Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1632645

    Consumer Said: “I made a payment on my checking account for my credit card. My deposit did not credit until the next day. This caused my bank account to overdraft XXXX The next day I credited the account but still have an overdraft fee. I ca n’t afford to pay this.” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 10/30/2015 Product: Bank account ... Read More »

      Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1633786

      Consumer Said: “From time to time, I try to cash a check from Wells Fargo and every time I need to show XXXX IDs, talk to an agent, listen to his solicitation speech ( open an account ”, joint your husband ‘s accounts ”, or both! ) and then I am allowed to cash the check. It is a waste ... Read More »

        Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1632549

        Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo has inaccurately reported 30 day lates to my credit files, and refused to assist me in the resolution of the removal of these reportings. My name is XXXX XXXX, and I am a long time customer and student loan holder with Wells Fargo. My account number is XXXX, and this letter will address my XXXX student ... Read More »

          Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1633599

          Consumer Said: “I purchased XXXX Savings Certificates from XXXX in XXXX of 1992, XXXX each under each of my daughter ‘s XXXX. Since 1992 Wells Fargo Bank purchased XXXX. I recently found the original certificates and went to Wells Fargo ( XXXX, MN Branch ) to cash them. They did a 10 day search and said they had no record ... Read More »

            Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1633369

            Consumer Said: “I am co signer on daughters loan and daughter is unable to pay and at this time I am also out of work and unable to pay. Wells Fargo Bank has been for the last six months day and night. I have now become ill and just out of hospital and can not take the strain of the ... Read More »

              Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1632740

              Consumer Said: “I emailed, I called, I went into the branch and spoke with the manager who gave me XXXX XXXX from XXXX XXXX ; XXXXXXXXXXXX & gt ; to have get my checking accounts, credit cards, and any other statements since 2008. I have been emailing for 3 weeks and today called. I asked for a manager to contact ... Read More »

                Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1634337

                Consumer Said: “I purchased my home in XX/XX/XXXX under a XXXX % loan option offered through XXXX XXXX. Because I had no downpayment I was told I would pay PMI, private mortgage insurance, until I had payed my loan down by XXXX % of the home ‘s value. My loan was for {$140000.00} but the house was appraised at {$150000.00} ... Read More »

                  Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1632465

                  Consumer Said: “3 years ago my account was in foreclosure. In 2014 I was told to pay {$15000.00}, to bring the account up to date, and I paid the full amount. On my statements there is an unpaid balance of {$2700.00}, initially I was told that it was for legal fees. Wells Fargo have lawyers on retainer in every state, ... Read More »

                    Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1634243

                    Consumer Said: “I am slightly behind on a car payment to Wells Fargo Dealer Services. I am the owner of a business and I use the car primarily for the business. WFDS has been calling me at my business number and filling up a voice mail box that is used for sales & support and is checked by other people. ... Read More »

                      Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1634558

                      Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo without any form of notice and after refusing to discuss alternative solutions has my home for sale on XXXX/XXXX/2015. I have applied for a modification and submitted all request documents and have not been contacted by them. My title work from the date of purchase does not indicate that Wells Fargo has any ownership right to ... Read More »

                        Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1635404

                        Consumer Said: “I opened an account with Wells Fargo only to retrieve cashers ‘ checks to move into my new place from XXXX to XXXX XXXX XXXX. I opened the account with {$50.00}. The personal banker XXXX XXXX on XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX never read a disclosure or informed me that a hard inquiry on my credit was going to ... Read More »

                          Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1635315

                          Consumer Said: “I have been a Wells Fargo customer since XX/XX/XXXX. Wells Fargo made an agreement for a deferred double payment due to good standing on XX/XX/XXXX. On XX/XX/XXXX a 30 day late notice was posted to my credit report. I have been notified by more than 1 Wells Fargo Specialist that I have a 10 day grace period in ... Read More »

                            Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1635183

                            Consumer Said: “Dear CFPB, ATTN : Wells Fargo Re-Ordering Transactions to Increase Over-The-Limit FeesI ‘m still trying to get the fees reversed but regardless of outcome, I believe Wells Fargo should be investigated for still ” illegally re-ordering transaction in order to manipulate limits to increase their over-the-limit fees and profits, despite loosing lawsuits pertaining to just this in the ... Read More »

                              Wells Fargo – CFPB Complaint – 1593679

                              CFPB Consumer Complaints

                              Consumer Said: “Wells Fargo Dealer Services keeps placing insurance on my vehicle after I have provided proof of insurance.” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 10/05/2015 Product: Consumer loan Type: Vehicle loan Issue: Managing the loan or lease State of Consumer: OR Company Public Response: Company chooses not to provide a public response Company Response: Closed with explanation Was the Company ... Read More »

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