My Business Account Was Levied by a Judgment From Six Years Ago. – Jennifer

Single mom who has been working very hard to correct and improve my credit since a divorce in 2001. I just opened a salon last year and can finally breath financially. I lived in NY until 2004 now I live in Florida.

my business account was levied by a judgement in Watertown ny from 2005. I was nailed and mailed apparently( clerk of courts informed me) at an old address in NY. there. Anyway, I’m embarrassed I even owe this! I’m not an irresponsible loser. I want to settle this. The original debt is 7,500.00. I have 8,500.00 in levied bank acct. The lawyer wants 75% of the 8,500.00 and me to make payment on another 5,000.00 in late fees. This isn’t a savings acct, this is my paying rent, feeding kids acct. Do I have any way to negotiate? And how? The lawyer is really rude and mean. Help please.


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