We Joined Global Client Solutions and Are Now Worse Off. – Donna

“Dear Steve,

My husband and I “Joined” global client solutions. We have been in there since 2009. We pay over $400.00 a month. They have paid one bill for us for 450.00. Is there any way we can get some of our money out? We are worse off now than when we “joined”.

Thank You,

Dear Donna,

Many people become confused that Global Client Solutions is a program they join. It’s not.

Global Client Solutions is a third-party escrow company that works in conjunction with your debt relief company.

If you contact Global Client Solutions I’m confident they will release your funds on deposit to you but that doesn’t solve the issue of the money already deducted by your debt relief company.

Who did you enroll with as your debt settlement company?

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Steve Rhode
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