Credit Counseling North Carolina

Credit Counseling North Carolina

Here in North Carolina, like many other states the availability of finding good credit counseling assistance is confusing. People need help trying to figure out where to turn for help but who can they trust? Where do they look for help?

Not all help is innocent. In the past year the North Carolina Attorney General has had to file suit against operations that pretended to be nonprofit credit counseling groups by placing local telephone book advertisements.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, CLG pitches its services online and through radio advertisements, telemarketing calls, and local telephone book listings. For example, the current Raleigh phone book includes 13 listings connected to CLG under “Consumer Credit Counseling.” Although the listings are for local telephone numbers, they connect callers to telemarketers in the company’s Florida office.

Having lived in the North Carolina capital, Raleigh, now for a number of years I’ve had the opportunity to meet the Attorney General and the staff of dedicated attorneys who work hard to protect consumers. The staff that deals with financial issues is always busy with cases, like the one above, that attempt to mislead consumers into thing that they are getting good credit counseling North Carolina assistance.

Scams, trips, and traps are all too common in the debt relief world. You need to be careful who you select to help you with how to get out of debt, no matter where you live. It never hurts to look around, ask for a second opinion or call an independent debt coach for an evaluation to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

Credit Counseling North Carolina Resources

One local credit counseling North Carolina resource is CESI Debt Solutions. CESI Debt Solutions is a nonprofit group that provides credit counseling help to not only North Carolina residents but people all across America. If you are looking for credit counseling help in North Carolina, I’d suggest calling them if you want to find a company located in North Carolina.

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Looking for credit counseling help is an appropriate thing to do if you are looking for help with problem debt. But credit counseling is not necessarily your only solution. Be sure to check out some of your other resources as well. These might include bankruptcy, debt settlement, or some sort of DIY debt help solution.

If you are still confused about what to do after all of that, don’t worry, I’m here to help. Just post your question here and let me help you for free.


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