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My Unemployment Ran Out and I’ve Just Had a Hard Time Making Payments on Time. – Christine

“Dear Steve,

I no longer use my credit cards and have been just trying to pay off the balances for several years to which I’ve always paid the minimum and sometimes more on all my credit card bills, but recently the due dates have been changing from month to month, varying from the end of the month to the beginning, making it impossible to keep up every month resulting in late fees and maximum balance fees.

After paying these fees on several of them many times and my unemployment running out I can no longer afford to pay any of them anymore, now I am behind several months on all of them and my phone is ringing constantly, I would like to work something out so that they all get paid and my credit somewhat restored but I don’t know how…

Is there a way to work with all of them with out having to pay all the crazy late and overage fees and have a set date each month my bills are due? I have recently become self employed and have some income, so I am ready and willing to work this out, but the minimum each month for all of them is about what I could afford each month again…


Dear Christine,

There are several issues at hand here. Before anything else we need to evaluate if there is even a reasonable expectation you would be able to make your regular payments if you were not behind.

If that’s the case I’d hate to suggest a solution that might limp you along for a bit longer without resolving the issue.

Ultimately the underlying problem here is the income fluctuation. That’s what has resulted in the current money troubles you are facing. The income situation looks like it might have been improved a bit with your recent self-employment and that’s a good thing.

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So let’s be totally honest with each other here. And I want you to post your answer to this question in the comments below.

Question: If you were current on your credit cards, would you easily be able to make your monthly minimum payments on the cards and save money each month on your expected monthly income over the next year?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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