American Debt Enders Says They Will Buy Our Debt From Us. – Mike

“Dear Steve,

My wife signed up for a debt buyers program where the debt buyer is suppose to buy my wife’s debt and she pays back the amount owed at reduced amount over time payments.

A guy named Steven Ciantro of American Debt Enders offered this program and I found out he is affiliated with Cyrus Global and Next Generation Debt Settlement. This guy Steven Ciantro works out of a mail box in New York City somewhere but I can’t find his real address. www.americandebtenders.com

She also paid for some kind of legal protection.


1. Do debt buyers really exist to buy people’s debts and make arrangements with the debtor?

2. This sounds like a scam to me and I want to get her money back and I don’t know should I call the New York Attorney General or sue in small claims court, or both?


Dear Mike,

I think I’ll let the comments from this Cyrus Global article on this issue speak for themselves. This one in particular I found these interesting.

You are absolutely right about wanting to know who the hedge fund is. This is not anywhere in the contract from American Star. I know this because we signed up as an affiliate of them. I was told directly from Hassan Kassir that the hedge fund will buy all the consumers debts. This was what he told me before I paid him $2500 as an affiliate fee! After paying him and getting a chance to read the consumer agreement……. the hedge fund is never mentioned. I questioned Hassan Kassir about this and he said “we cannot list this because we only use this as a tool to negotiate lower settlements and delay collection efforts by moving the file from the collection department into the settlement department”. I then asked him what percentage of people actually get their debts bought and he said it is about 30 percent. What a crock! I hope someone shuts down these shysters! Moral to the story if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Keep up the good work Steve.


First and foremost I want to thank you for exposing scam artist in the debt industry. I have worked in the Debt Settlement/Debt Management industry for the last 5 yrs and still do not understand the need to lie, cheat or steal. This industry is great and does provide help to distressed consumers but also puts food on my families table.

The reason for my comment is I was contacted by a Hassan Kassir and a Sam Kassir (SAME PERSON) from American Star Debt Settlement/ American Star Lending Corp around the same time last yr. He presented me with the exact Power Point that you have listed. Obviously, at a glimpse it looks wonderful. Consumer gets out of debt instantly (ON PAPER) due to the hedge fund and they offered an extremely high commission split to their affiliates. So we looked deeper, everything came back clean!

Needless to say we started off small, due to the fact that we had other vendors they (ASDS) were last on the list. The first 5 clients went smooth for the first month so we sent 10 following month. Again, everything went smooth! After the first 3 months I believe had a total of 95 clients with them and thats when everything started hitting the fan.

At this point we found out that the first 15 clients we actually entered under Hassan’s logins so the commissions were paid directly to him instead of Noteworld paying us directly. Well needless to say while I was sending him clients he was paying the commissions to us in CASH! But that was just the beginning!

Customer service was not existent! Hassan stated that ESP was supposed to handle that and that the clients just needed to call them(ESP). Every client that was enrolled called and questioned what was going on? Who do I talk to and so on and so-forth! So with a client on the phone I figured that I would get to the bottom of it! We called ESP together, the customer service rep stated that she had no evidence if the client. We then asked if the hedge fund was in fact going to be purchasing the debt received the question “WHAT HEDGE FUND!” To solve this , Hassan took it upon himself to purchase an 800 number and offered that to my clients.

The 40 hrs of FREE IN COURT SERVICES that would be serviced by FBL was also non-existent. When the first client received a summons they got me on the phone and we called FBL together. Talk about evasive. Needless to say he did not receive his 40 hrs of free service.

As for the hedge fund, out of the 95 clients and an average of three accounts per client NOT ONE ACCOUNT was ever purchased, The response that I received from Hassan was the the hedge fund will only pick up accounts that they can buy for 10% and they aren’t required to purchase any accounts. Which is the exact opposite from his original pitch.

All around Steve it was a horrible experience to be their affiliate and my heart goes out to there clients. As for the 95, I reached out to my most successful attorney in the industry and worked out 2% fees and enrolled most of them into a new program and didn’t collect a dime for doing so! Hassan also immediately stopped sending my commissions as well.

Kyle Hartfield

And for the life of me I can’t figure out why your wife, as a debtor needing help, was given the commission referral agreement from Financial Solutions Center that you sent me below.

At this point I don’t believe the debt buyer claims, I’m worried about a guy selling debt relief out of a mail drop, and I can’t figure out if this is a business opportunity or a debt relief company.

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The American Debt Enders website says they are an affiliate of Consumer Debt Solutions, so they are not even the direct debt relief company. And who is Consumer Debt Solutions. Is it the one with the BBB F rating or A+ rating? American Debt Enders has no BBB record.

According to the State of New York there is no company registered to do business in the state under the name American Debt Enders.

This is even though the website says the company is:

American Debt Enders
265 Sunrise Hwy
Suite 1-#250
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

And you are correct, the mailing address goes to a mail drop.

The only street address I was able to locate was the one associated with the domain name.

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Anna Ciantro
American Debt Enders
125 Christabel St
Lynbrook, 11563, New York 11563

According to Google Maps those two addresses are less than six miles apart.

According to the State of New York Banking Department, American Debt Enders is not a licensed budget planner. – Source

So based on the information above and the fact the company claims to be a credit counseling group and offers credit counseling services and is not licensed to do so, operates out of a mail drop, has no BBB report, does not appear to be registered with New York as a business, and my concerns over the debt buyer program I’d give this a strong RUN AWAY.

If you want to try to get your money back I’d suggest you closely follow this process, How to Get Out of a Debt Relief Program and Get a Big Refund.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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