The Military Star Card From AAFES is Garnishing My Social Security. – Shanesta

“Hello Steve,

I was discharged from the military in 2008 and I had a balance of 5,000 on my Military Star Card. I asked to stop the interest from accumulating and now they are garnishing my Social Security while still taking out for interest.

Is there anything I can do to at least tell them to stop adding interest while I try to pay off the balance? I have talked to my other creditors and settled with them, but I am having such a hard time with Military Star.

It’s like I am only paying the interest and not the balance. Any help would be great 🙂


Dear Shanesta,

Unfortunately the Military Star credit card which is issued through the military exchange services is considered to be a government debt and is one of the few debts that can garnish your social security benefits.

Military Star is historically difficult to deal with with either a debt settlement or debt repayment plan approach.

If you want to stop the garnishment then you might just have to look at bankruptcy. You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk with them about your specific situation.

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5 thoughts on “The Military Star Card From AAFES is Garnishing My Social Security. – Shanesta”

  1. i had identity theift  they are deducting my ssi off of a cArd i never had.  what do i do to stop this injustice?

  2. Hi I have a Military star card and I owe them $8,000.i owe this debt my self, but I’m not on the military my husband is retired Military. can they take this debt under my husband retirement? Please I need your help.

    Thanks a lot


    • A creditor could certainly sue the card holder and pursue whatever means the court approves to deal with the judgment. That of course would depend on the state in which you live and who the responsible parties are for the debt.

      • I’m overseas right now we station here in Okinawa Japan.. I got no job. I’m worried if they will take it out my debt on my husband retirement. Which is the debt I have Military star card was only under my name.



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