What Are My Student Loan Forgiveness Options in the Air Force?

What Are My Student Loan Forgiveness Options in the Air Force?

Question: Dear Steve, I am a senior in college about to graduate with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and commission into the U.S. Airforce. I will have about $100,000 in student loans to start paying off when I graduate. Are there any debt forgiveness programs in the military for new officers? Corey Answer: Dear Corey, … Read more

What Are My Military Active Duty Student Loan Forgiveness Options?

Question: Dear Steve, I am currently active duty in the US Army; however, before I enlisted I completed 2 years of college at the University of Kentucky. I have approximately $16,000 in student loans. Do I qualify for any sort of student loan forgiveness due to my active duty service? Hunter Answer: Dear Hunter, I’m … Read more

I’m in the Military and Lied to About My Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Question: Dear Steve, I purchased a home in March 2012 while active duty military. I left military March 2013 and returned as active duty March 2013 (same month and not sure if the service member relief act can play a part in that). Divorced November 2013 and was given home. In November 2013 contacted the … Read more

I Got Kicked Out of ROTC and DFAS Wants Me to Repay My Tuition

Question: Dear Steve, I had a full scholarship to attend university via the ROTC program. I was performing well, no health issue, but I was kicked out under the accusation that I had “Created a negative environment for other cadets”. I went through the appeals process, and the board voted unanimously to drop the charge … Read more

Marine Corps Soldier Needs Help With Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I have no idea if you can help, but I served almost 9 years active duty in the Marine Corps and I have a private student loan (Key Bank) that I cannot make payments on at the moment for $62,000. I was recently honorably discharged from active duty after having my first … Read more

The Army Said They’d Pay Off My Student Loans and Didn’t

Question: Dear Steve, I was in the army. The army said they would pay back my student loans but did not. I did not have a federal loan it was a private loan. I was in the army from 2006 to 2012. Then in the reserves from 2012 till 2015. I had a student loan … Read more

Military Member On Duty Sent to Collection for Student Loans

“Dear Steve, I am duty military and I was deployed overseas for about four years as a training instructor to foreign military. Before I went oversea I contacted Mohela and I was told that my loans would be deferred. To make a long story short that wasn’t the case my loans had defaulted without my … Read more

Ex-Girlfriend Drove Credit Into Shit Hole. – Victoria

“Dear Steve, My boyfriend is currently in the national guard, but he is home now, I have been dating him for a year and a half. Before I met him, he was stationed in Afghanistan for 13 months (around 2009-2010), while dating another girl. While he was overseas, the girlfriend he had at the time … Read more

My Husband Proudly Serves in the US Army But Has Student Loans

“Dear Steve, My husband is in the US Army has been proudly servicing since 1998. He is considering retirement (he has prior service before 1988 which counts towards his 20 years). He has about $44,000 left of his student loans. His loans were consolidated since shortly after 1998 (his graduation from vet school). We don’t … Read more

Army Soldier Wants to Fix His Credit After a Messy Divorce

“Dear Steve, 26yr old Army soldier trying to fix credit after a messy divorce a few years back. I was deployed, she decided to leave, and stopped paying on just about everything that was in my name without my knowledge. Upon my return, I joined “freecreditreport.com” to continuously monitor my credit and my debts, and … Read more