Is M.R. Carter and Carter Financial a Scam? – WATCH LIST

I answered a reader question over on another site. The poster said:

I have been contacted by Carter Financial LLC, and they have proposed that depending on my case, they can lower my credit card interest rates. I see on here there are two negative reviews, and one positive review. If I were to let them help me, I would not pay them until the work was done, so I’m not that worried about being scammed in that sense, but I’m mostly wondering is it even possible for a company to negotiate a lower credit card interest rate for me with my credit card lender? If not, obviously I don’t want to waste my time… but if it is possible, I would let them try on my behalf… though not paying them a dime until I received confirmation from my lender that it had been done.

So I went and reviewed the website the poster gave me, carterfinancialllc.com.

According to public records, carterfinancialllc.com is owned by:
M.R. Carter, LLC
8647 S. U.S. Hwy 1
Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952

The contact for the domain is Paul Carter at wws@pm-florida.com

The domain name was just registered on June 2, 2011.

According to the State of Florida, there is no registered company under the name used in the domain of Carter Financial, LLC.

The records for M.R. Carter, LLC say the owners are: Ronna Carter, Robert Perona, and Stacey Perona. – Source

They say the business is located at:
8647 US Hwy 1 South
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


The company says their service is:

Our program will not only help you become financially independent, but will also save you THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of time off your existing debts. This revolutionary new program offers a personalized, computer generated payment schedule that takes your current monthly payments, and optimizes your money using a “snowball” effect, reducing your debt faster and more efficiently.

With our qualified and friendly staff at hand, we will guide you through the entire process to ensure the most effective results, showing you how to apply your accelerated payment schedule.

The program includes not only the entire payment schedule for the life of your debt complete with easy to read charts, graphs and statistics, but also clear and concise budgeting forms that cover your day to day expenses and monthly bills. The computer uses precise calculations and optimizes the money you are currently spending on your monthly payments to put you on a path to a debt free life!

The cost of our service is based on a sliding scale depending on the total amount of debt on which we will assist you with. Our fee varies from $495 to $1,195.

Anyone paying for that service would be unwise. There are great services online like ReadyForZero.com that offer a better service to consumers for free.

Concerns & Complaints

In my research for this story I discovered some information others had posted that concerned me as well.

“Rachael, card holder accounts” robo call current aka:
M.R. Carter, LLC; toll free: 877-879-9695; phone 772- 879-9695 Address: 8647 US Hwy. 1, Crowne Plaza, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952. Website: http://www.cardservicecenters.com
Principle: Mr. Greg Stephens, email greg@cardservicecenters.com Fax 772-879-9690
Additional company management personnel include:
Mr. TYM Baker – Customer Service Manager – Source

State of Oregon has an open complaint about this company. FF1588-11, Open, 02/17/2011, M.R. CARTER, LLC, 8647 S US HWY 1, PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL, 34952, Credit/Lending: Debt Reduction Services Failed to obtain professional license, certification, or bond. – Source


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5 thoughts on “Is M.R. Carter and Carter Financial a Scam? – WATCH LIST”

  1. mr carter financial took my money and ran! I tried to contact them and their website and all phone numbers have been disconnected. Should have trusted my gut instinct. Ripped me off for 700.00. DO NOT deal with these guys. They are very persuasive and appear professional but beware.

  2. This company has screwed with me for 2 years, I keep calling, no one calles me back. This company did nothing for me at all, but take my 495.00. The next I know Rob was FIRED!!, then I was transfored to Greg Stevens another refund person, he never called back, come to find out he was FIRED also!!! hen this other woman called me and said we can make this work, let see what w can do for you  She said sorry there is nothing we can do for you. IT Will be 2 MONTHE for you to get your refund!!. Again nothing!! I have called everyday, now its a message machine saying we are either closed or busy,My Ass they prob went OOB!!! Still  no money back today!!, Do your self a favoe an dont deal with them!!!

  3. This was on Invoice Number:4789 under the Name of: William Swech The Amount taken from card with number ending with the numbers:0264 for the amount of $795.00USD on Mar-03-2011 by Rob on behalf of M.R.Carter,LLC. On Mar-03-2011 I was called by a Rob, a representative of M.R. Carter,LLC about a deal that they could lower my credit card interest. At first it sounded great and I took it. Then after I said yes too it I looked into it, and also my gut feeling told me NOT to take the deal. So on Mar 08, 2011 I emailed Rob and told him I would like to CANCEL our agreement and he called me and tried to make me stay with the deal and I said no thank you I would like out, I just didn’t feel right about it. He told me at that time it would take a couple of weeks to refund your card ending in 0264; I said okay and left it. Then I received a package from them and I called Rob and asked him what to do with it. He said just put “CANCEL” on it and return it to us. Since I CANCELED it on Mar 08,2011 and relieved this package on Mar 16,2011 I didn’t think I would run into any problem, so I sent it back. I have been patient since Mar 8,2011 waiting for my refund and still didn’t get it. Since Mar 8,2011. I have emailed them and a Felisha has called me and said it will take about 14 days that was July 5,2011 and again on Aug 25,2011 I called again and Felisha said it will be another 2 weeks this now Aug 25,2011 and now I have to wait until Sept 8,2011 for what another 2 weeks? They only have to refund my $795.00USD to my charge card and that will be it. As they have NOT DONE ANYTHING FOR ME, to make them hold my money like this I don’t know what the hold up on my REFUND is, they have being getting interest on the $795.00 since Mar-03-2011 and we have being paying the interest on the same money that they are holding. Isn’t there any way to get our money returned to us; PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Thank you. Bill Swech (705)693-5872 The settlement I would like is a refund of $795.00USD funds which they got from our credit card ending in 0264. Since they have only being getting interest on our money since Mar 03,2011 there is NO reason that they can’t refund us that money. They have NOT used it to for anything else as I already had told them I wanted to CANCEL our agreement which by the way I was way ahead of canceling before they even mailed out the agreement to us. In their agreement it said I had 3 days AFTER receiving the agreement in the mail I could CANCEL and I received the agreement on Mar.16, 2011 and had emailed Rob on Mar 8,2011 that I would like to cancel. So they should not be out anything. We just want OUR SAME $795.00USD MONEY BACK to the same credit card.
    Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28th, 2011

  4. Actually, even though the calls are obnoxious,  they were able to cut my credit card payments in half.  The program worked for me, so I would reccomend them!

  5. Great Article!!!  Thanks for the info just what I was looking for!!!  JUst got called by these clowns today I don’t think I’ll trust them too risky!!!


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