I Was Contacted by the Authorized Attorney Affiliate Legal Service Team to Join a Mass Joinder Suit. – Linda

“Dear Steve,

I was contacted by the “Authorized Attorney Affiliate” Legal Service Team (LST) (70 S. Lake Ave., Ste #1000, Pasadena, CA 91101) to join the Consolidated Multi-Plaintiff Litigation against Bank of America (Ronald et al v. Bank of America) w/ The Van Son Law Group, who is supposed to have authorization to assist in the lawsuit. They mentioned Kramer and Kaslow.

I talked w/ Darryl from LST who from what I understand from Darryl is the Intake Center for the The Van Son Law Group. He mentioned reapplying for a modification (I did receive a modification in 2009), joining the Mass Joinder, with the possibility to expect a low fixed- interest rate for life of loan, settlement for up to 80% reduction of the loan, etc. He sent me a couple documents, one regarding a bit of info regarding the lawsuit and Van Son’s, and the other a form to fill out to see if I was a candidate (which was free).
After sending him the required info, he called back saying I met the critieria and that his supervisor would be contacting me.

I talked w/ his boss, Dan , and he went over more info, plus the cost to take the next step which is to join the Joinder ($4500). I have to say at this point I was getting ready to leave for a short trip and I was coming off of a 5-day migraine, so my mind was a bit unfocused and not absorbing anything. I said to send me electronically a summary of what we just discussed and I’d figure out if I could somehow do this. I explained that I had no extra money to spend, that I went through bankruptcy last July, and have no credit cards and can’t get a loan at this point. I’m living month to month and my mortgage is going to go up August 1 by $400.

So I’m feeling that rosy glow of “Hope”; of finally getting out of the hole I was in. What a feeling. I tend to make emotional decisions (even though my dad says not to; and part of how I got in this mess to begin with). My little trip gave me the time to reflect and to put together some solutions and tasks in dealing with this. First being, to do some more background work.

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Googling Kramer and Kaslow, brought me to my senses that I need to take this slow and do my research. However, there’s so much info out there that it’s overwhelming and I’m not sure what to believe and really don’t understand some of what I’m reading. I’m conflicted whether this is a scam or not, and/or whether the people I’m dealing with are scammers but the lawsuit is good. Somehow, I made it to your website and thought I’d try and get some advice from you.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to it. I’m in a pickle whether or not I move forward w/ the Mass Joinder or not. I’m running out of time and money. My mortgage is going up in August and I’m really struggling now as it is. I’m a single mom with two teenage sons. I have a decent full time job and started selling Avon as a second income in December. But I always seem to be in “patch” mode. Patch the holes and deal with everything else later. I’m tired of living this way.

Can you help me with next steps? With or without the mass joinder?


Dear Linda,

You father offered you some good advice.

Let’s say that you did pay all that money to joinder the mass joinder suit. There has not been any suit which has come to a conclusion. Another mass joinder attorney has said it will not stop a foreclosure and there is no guarantee you will receive any benefit from the suit.

Besides, these lawsuits will most likely drag out for years and years. So how does paying $4,500 today help your situation when you will most likely be foreclosed on and out of your house sooner to that because you appear to be struggling with the mortgage.

There are a number of red flags about what you’ve told me.

The address you gave me of 70 S. Lake Ave., Ste #1000, Pasadena, CA 91101 is actually the office of Counts Law Group and attorney Emhan Counts, Esq. So why are the people contacting you saying they are from his office not representing the attorney that works right there?

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The promised benefits would not be forthcoming any time soon. It sounds like the probably commissioned sales representative failed to mention that.

You don’t need a pipe dream here, you need a real solution to move forward. It might be better to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them about handing the house back, discharging all your debt and liability and move forward without stress with a life that fits within your income.

Or, you could hand your $4,500 to the sales representative of a convoluted legal sales pitch and hope that in a number of years you get some benefit from that.

But if you do proceed, read the retainer agreement carefully since some that I have seen have some very tough terms that could wind up costing you much more over the life of the suit or if you withdraw.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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