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“Dear Steve,

my situation is that I was foreclosed upon by B of A in Oct of 2010. I am still living in the house and I have a lot of questions about what I was told by Consolidated Litigation Group.

Is Consolidated Litigation Group legit or are they a scam group out to rip you off? Have you heard of Phillip A Kramer attorney at law? Whats his track record? He is supposedly in charge of the class action law suit against B of A. They are asking me for a $5000.00 retainer and Im am truly skeptical about the outcome of me hiring them to represent me. Please give me your opinion.


Dear Genaro,

The entire marketing effort to sell consumers into a lawsuit against their lenders has gone crazy. All sorts of false claims are being made.

There is no guarantee the suit will benefit you. No similar mass joinder suit has been decided. No mass joinder suit will allow you to keep your house if you’ve been foreclosed. Any lawsuit will most likely take years to be resolved.

If you feel like this is something you want to pursue, please get a second opinion from a licensed real estate attorney in your state.

California attorneys selling these kinds of suits are currently under investigation by the California Bar.

My issues and “scam” concerns are based on what the marketing representatives are telling consumers. Much of it is blatantly untrue. Try this, ask your marketing representative to put all the guarantees you want in writing. They won’t. Then ask yourself why they won’t.

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