Can My Son Be Arrested for Not Repaying a Payday Loan? – Karen

“Dear Steve,

My son who is 32 years old and not employed at this time was contacted by a collection agency about a payday loan that apparently he took out over 3 years ago. They claim they can have him arrested for check fraud if he does not pay $355 every two weeks to settle this debt. I contacted Relief LLC and they advised me they can help with this and he would only need to pay $200 per month to settle this debt. Which sounds more doable to me. Can this collection agency have him arrested as they claim?

Can this collection agency have him arrested for check fraud on a payday loan and does the solution Relief LLC sound like our best option?

Please help


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Dear Karen,

The company you contacted does not have any authority to stop legal action against your son if the lender wanted to proceed.

The payday lender can proceed against your son for writing a bad check since he most likely gave them a post-dated check when he took out the loan.

You best course of action would be to either negotiate with the payday lender directly to come to an agreement on a payment plan you can afford or contact a local attorney in your area to help. Since this could involve some serious consequences there is no sense to fool around here. The threat of being arrested for a bad check depend on the state and area you live in and the amount of the bad check.

People don’t get arrested often for such things but I have seen it happen.

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