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Consumer Car Loan at Looks Like a Scam

A consumer recently asked if Consumer Car Loan at consumer car is a scam. Specifically they said, “Has anyone experience with the online company Consumer Car Loans. com? Is this a scam. I am looking for a car loan, for low credit rating.”

So I took a quick look and here is what I found. Domain

The domain name is owned by:
17232 Lancaster Hwy
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Contact Information

The website does not list contact information for this alleged lender. That is a huge red flag.

A search of the address they list for their domain name could not locate any business at that address.

Notice: There is no street address or telephone number listed. This is a red flag.

Corporate Records

A search of North Carolina corporate records could not locate any authorized business under the name Consumer Car Loan or

Under their name there is no authorized consumer credit lender in the state of North Carolina.Source

My Advice

At best the Consumer Car Loan site appears to not be a lender at all. At best they may be a lead generator and who knows where your personal information will go. At worst they are a scam that will take your personal information.

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