Getting a Job With Bad Credit. – Mark

“Dear Lewis,

I am videographer I used to work for Lifetime Video videotaping weddings and editing. When the economy started going down the weddings got less and less. Also my fiance fell causing frozen shoulder and chronic back pain. I have been her caregiver giving her medicine. Because of the medicine she has trouble remembering what to take. I tried to get her on disability but they denied her.

I have $58,000 in credit cards paying off doctor bills and regular bills . I am getting overwhelmed.

I am worried nobody will hire me if I go bankrupt. I do not want to be homeless

How do I get a job after bankruptcy?


Dear Mark,

How do you get a job after bankruptcy? The same way millions of others got a job or kept their job. I don’t mean to sound smart, but that is the reality. Many employers do not care. There are so many people filing, it simply is not the “mark” on your life that it maybe once was.

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I would not give up on a disability claim for your girlfriend. But I am confused why it seems like her medical bills are against your credit?

Hindsight is 20/20, but I am curious as to why you put her medical bills onto your credit cards?

You should speak to a bankruptcy attorney before $58,000 in credit card bills quickly becomes $100,000 in credit card bills.

Good luck!

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