Gambling Financial Problems Led to My Bankruptcy. – Lola

“Dear Steve,

Had a gambling problem and ruined my financial situation. Filed for bankruptucy chapter 13 and half my paycheck goes to that through wage garnishmetn but I did not quit gambling. I then took out several online payday loans and kept gambling and then could not pay them. The bank closed my account for too many over drafts. The payday loan companies do not want to work with me on a reasonable amount for a monthly payment and require I pay through a checking account.

One company did come up with a payment I could afford so I set up the payment. They took out the first monthly payment and then Every payday they started taking out what ever amount they wanted even though it was suppose to be a set amount and monthly. so I closed the account. Also the loans have been sold or transferred to collection agencies and they have been adding fees on top of fees. For instance one payday loan was for $350 and now the collection agency says they want $1235.

Now this company and 3 others are leaving me calls that they are going to have me arrested and one even says they are going to have my Texas drivers license suspended. One lender even emails me and says he is a US federal attorney which I know he is not. Can they have me arrested? I never gave them a signed post dated check and everything was done through email.


Dear Lola,

The key to resolving the financial problem is in overcoming the underlying gambling addiction.

No matter what resolution we struggle with the issue with the gambling will always be sitting by the side, ready to scupper out progress,

The first thing I’d do is talk to your bankruptcy attorney and let them know what is going on. They may evaluate your situation again to see if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or discharge the Chapter 13 and refile later to include the new debt.

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But you must seek treatment for the gambling issue. If you don’t know where to turn, you can look for your local Gamblers Anonymous meeting, here.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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4 thoughts on “Gambling Financial Problems Led to My Bankruptcy. – Lola”

  1. Steve, I understand that I need to control the gambling.  I did and have not gambled in over 10 months and am on my way to recover my financial situation.  The problem is I cannot pay everyone at once. You did not answer my question as to can these payday loan companies  have me arrested and one even says they are going to have my Texas drivers license suspended. Can they have me arrested? I never gave them a signed post dated check and everything was done through email.Lola”

    • I’m not certain about all of those threats. For specific advice you would need to consult with an attorney licensed in Texas. What I can tell you is that according to a number of reference resources, writing a dishonored check can result in criminal prosecution in Texas. You may want to read this document from Galveston, Texas that describes the process in that locale.

    • Lola, Please forgive me if I come across a little strong here. You said “I know I need to control the gambling”. Lola, you need to “stop” the gambling. While going without gambling for 10 months is a great start, you’re not there yet. You said you got help – from who? I have to wonder if the reason you haven’t gambled in 10 months is because you don’t have the money to and you can’t find anyone to lend you more. Please follow Steve’s advice. He is right on when it comes to financial situations. The underlying problem here is your gambling (which it seems is what got you into debt in the first place) and any remedy Steve or anyone else can offer won’t do any good unless you STOP (not control) your gambling. I wish you the best. Jim


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