Consumer Legal Services America Took Our Money But Doesn’t Help. – Donna

“Dear Steve,

We have been in debt because of medical problems and medicine. We needed help. We thought this was the answer.

We have been with Consumer Legal Services America ([email protected]) since 2009. We pay $413.00 MONTH. So far they have paid 1 bill for $450.00. Is there any way we can get back our money.

Every time we call they say that they are working on it. It’s like a broken record. Please tell us what to do.


Dear Donna,

I’m sorry to say, things don’t look promising.

The Consumer Legal Services America website at is currently redirected if you try to visit it and it sends you back to Google. The email domain they use of just takes you to a defunct site.

It looks to me as if they are trying to hide.

According to corporate records, Ira Frazer is the president of the company. Public records say the company is located at 6061 Greenhedge Row, La Jolla, CA 92037.

In a previous article, here, I published the email address of Ira Frazer from an employment ad. It is [email protected]

A search for additional information found an attorney, Megan McGoldrick that states she is an attorney at Consumer Legal Services America in Orange County, California. – Source

There is only one issue with that. McGoldrick is not a licensed attorney in California.

The California Bar number of Ira Frazer is #93935.

There are so many red flags going up by this point I think you need to take swift action to get your situation resolved.

Here is what I would suggest:

  1. File a complaint with the California Bar against Ira Frazer for the services you’ve received. Information to file a complaint can be found here. Filing the complaint will get attention and hopefully your money back that way.
  2. File a Complaint with the BBB. Currently the BBB gives Comsumer Legal Services America an F grade and interestingly says they are located in Nevada. You can file a BBB complaint here.
  3. You should follow my refund process I outline here.

Do all of these things at once and demand the return of all of your money since you have received no services.

If your debt problem continues then I think we are going to have to start from scratch again.

Are creditors pressuring you now?

What is your current situation with them?

Post your answers in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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17 thoughts on “Consumer Legal Services America Took Our Money But Doesn’t Help. – Donna”

  1. Please provide me with your mailing address and other contact information.  

    Contrary to what you have stated, you have not presented the facts fairly.  Without knowing facts, you automatically assumed we did something wrong. You did not try to act as an intermediary to help the consumer work with the company or find out what did or did not happen. You just assumed we did something wrong and rushed to judgment.  When we asked you to identify the person so we could investigate, it appears you did not initially want to cooperate.  Instead you made self-serving statements that could not be verified.

    Your comments ignore what is set out in the contract and the other information provided to the consumer.  Everything you asked for has been disclosed to the consumer from the beginning.  If only you had reviewed the contract and the facts before jumping to conclusions.  

    Before you print something about any company regarding any consumer, you should first try to get the consumer and company together to see if the situation can be resolved and to flush out what really happened.  This may bring the whole matter to a successful conclusion.  If it does not, then all of the facts are available and no one has rushed to judgment.  

    The bottom line is to help the consumer who has been crucified by banks, credit card issuers with default interest rates of almost 40%, penalties and legal fees and who has been harassed by collectors and creditors.  

    • I’ve asked three times but you have dodged the question each time, so what is your refund policy?

      And again with the emails? I’m just posting them here because I’ve asked you to post your communications in the comments so we can have an open and transparent public conversation. 

      I did not reluctantly withhold the email address of the consumer. She did not give me permission to release it till yesterday and I immediately forwarded it to you via email. At all times prior I had urged her to contact you or file a complaint.

      I’m not the customer service desk for your company. People write and ask for help. I answer the questions and provide a platform for a continued dialogue on the issue.

      Companies can respond with exceptional customer service, take care of the reader, and show future potential people they can depend on the company if things go wonky. 

      Of course there is the other response where companies belabor and bemoan and only drive future customers away by scaring them with their poor customer service responses. 

      As I said in a previous comment, “STOP protesting and start publicly attempting to resolve this in a positive way by stating your refund policy and respond to Donna’s comment directly and tell her about your desire to help her resolve her issue. ”

      Ira, do yourself a favor and issue a full refund to Donna and make this a good news story.


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