Mass Joinder – Tort Litigation Lawyer Phillip Kramer, Kramer & Kaslow, Raided & Seized by California Bar

In what is a breaking story, the law office of Kramer and Kaslow and Phillip Kramer were raided and all client records were seized by the California Bar.

It looks like the ring leader of the mass joinder marketing that was selling consumers the misapplied hope they would pay $5,000 to $7,000 to save their house from foreclosure and get their mortgage reduced and win $75,000 from the mortgage companies, has finally been closed down.

You can listen to the message that plays when you call the office number of Kramer & Kaslow.

Answering Message

There is an allegation floating around today that the law office of Mitchell Stein may have been raided as well but I have not been able to confirm that.


A second source has said they have spoken to a source inside Stein’s office and the raid rumor is true.


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27 thoughts on “Mass Joinder – Tort Litigation Lawyer Phillip Kramer, Kramer & Kaslow, Raided & Seized by California Bar”

  1. ok I want to know, what does this do for the folkswho couldn’t afford the $5000 to join the mass law suit? we still paid $1900 & have gotten no where w/this attorney. so what are we suppose to do now that we are in forclosure because they said they could help? what is our recourse to get our money back. they never call me back & now the emails are coming back as non delivery? got any ideas for us po’d in MA

  2. I sent $5,000 to Kramer and Kaslow to join the mass litigation and just received a mean e-mail from One West stating that I have been scammed and there were under no obligation to modify my loan, plus a link to California State Bar stating Kramer and Kaslow law offices have been seized.  I don’t know what to so next. I’m not in fore closer but have a amortized loan that will certainly be going up.  What a sad story. Any recommendations?

    • What you need to do is send a very ‘in your face’ reply to the One West bank letting them know that although the attorneys have come under investigation THE CASES AGAINST THE BANKS ARE CONTINUING.  In fact, you should tell One West that the Cal. Attorney General has appointed its own attorney to CONTINUE the cases … which, in many way, is even scarier than Kramer & Kaslow, because now the banks have to deal with THE GOVERNMENT attorneys. The question now is, will the AG’s attorneys do right by homeowners.  One way to find out is to write letters to the AG and let her know in no uncertain terms the We The People are going to watch how her govt. attorneys handle these cases, and if there there is any deceptive representation going on, we will HER accountable.  Are there any attorneys out there willing to read court transcripts to make sure the AG’s attorneys are going to do a decent job on behalf of homeowners?  Hopefully Kramer, Kaslow and Mitchell Stein are going to oversee this also because they are still in a position to do damage to the AG’s attorneys if they don’t play fair.

  3. When AG is going to raid the banks offices? People are abused not only by the banks, but also by the government. The banks have enough money to buy themselves an AG.

  4. kind of one sided are you. I havent seen any evidence of wrongdoing  just a claim. you must admit kramer is hitting some powerful banks and the courts are agreeing with him. something stinks here  i think the ag is doing the banks dirty work. and you did notice that no criminal charges were ever accused. you should look into this more

    • What are you saying was missed?

      This action was about fee splitting, running, capping, and misrepresentation by marketers and not about the legal merits of the underlying case. Cases continue.

      • I agree. But dont you think its smells funny the goverment is prtecting itself because they are a part of this I cant wait to see the reply. I am a client of Kramer adn during my process i was getting all these emails from other marketers Kramer advised me to stay away from them thank god I didnt get caught up with them . But now the goverment is going to try to lump Kramer and Stein with these rip offs marketers. What do think is going to happen next is Kramer finished Is this going to be a long dragged out court fight taking their time away from the real issue of the fraud commited by these banks.

        • Actually I don’t agree. There was substantial marketing abuse, which I’ve well documented here on the site.

          I think the California AG suit does a very good job of explaining the underlying consumer protection issues and if you actually read the case you will see that it makes no claims about the legal facts of the underlying case, only the alleged illegal and deceptive marketing.

          Just because you did not fall victim to the alleged illegal marketing, does not mean others didn’t.

          Have you contacted the California Bar yet to pick up your file so you can take it to a different attorney?

          • Steve,
            How could you say Kramer / Stein are guilty you havnt seen any evidence and none was produced There was even a statement from BofA in the complaint filed. Why would I get a different laywers these lawyers are on to something they have overcome 8 seperate motions to dismiss by BofA. The AG produced no evidence that either attorney had a hand in this. Stein just received all the discovery from BoA  and that was taken in the raid. Why? Without anyproof in court you want to vilafy these attorneys. Why?  Of course the legal aspects of the case are souund Why do you think they raiided the offices They are trying to get people like you run away from attorneys who would fight them Are you really that naive? I say again they havent producedone shed of evidence just statements and you basically call them crooks

          • Maybee But at least let them defend themselves  how would you like the AG to say you bilked consumers. Send out press releases. and people like you seem to want to not let them defend themselves. Its not american  even if its a lawyer

          • From the looks of it your are the only one using the G word.

            This action was not about the legal merits, it’s all about alleged lives, deceptive marketing and fee splitting. Those issues have nothing to do with the banks.

          • Are you saying you havent led people to beleive on your site that Karmer/Stein were behind this marketing scheme.? These 2 lawyers have done more to fight the illegal activities of the big banks than and fight fraud  and help people at the same time. I guess it hard to see that because people think all lawyers are crooks, untill they  need them. In your response you indicate you never used the G word. are you serious. Your tenor is quite clear

          • On the site you will find documentation of mailers, especially from Kramer, and the lawsuits and statements filed against both.

            Again, the action taken appears to be focused on marketing and advertising and not the legal merits.

          • Consumer protection what the f who is going to or where was this concern when the banisters stole my and what a million or so other properties ? Deed of trust not a mortgage give me a break thes sob ‘s knew exactly what they were doing from the start shame on you the banks and our elected mofos don’t tread on me we really need to get together ppl and throw these scum into a furnace and crank it up

  5. The so called affiliate swindlers bringing in the upfront fees for Kramer/Kaslow are making big bucks and promising nothing.

  6. mitchell Stein and Philip Kramer are not the crooks.  The banks and the US government can get away with anything the banks take money from the government do not modify loans lie to everybody like crazy, do illegal foreclosres, steal property, the public has no protection Stein and Kramer are honestly trying to help the public to uphold the law get the word out to all of those in need of help and they are brought up on the stupid trumped up charges.  The banks cheat, lie,  steal but own the US government.  This happened to Stein and Kramer only because they are trying to help the average american citizen.  The most corrupt of all banks is Wells Fargo


  7. It’s amazing how Mitchell Stein sued the U.S. government and the Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement agents that are investigating him on securities fraud the exact same day he was sued by the AG in California and how this went on the wire on the day his office was seized. Would he even be able to sue under the name Mitchell J Stein & Associates? It’s amazing how he calls himself a Christian one moment and a Jew the next. Real faith based people don’t do this the exact day the government raid and seize.

  8. Steve,

    I am glad you’re there to alert homeowners to these scams that can cost them their homes. Thought your readers might also want to hear the podcast interview I did with you where we talked about mass joinder scams:


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