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Mass Joinder – Tort Litigation Victim Updates. Kramer & Kaslow, Mitchell Stein, Esq, Mesa Law

This page is for people who want updates on the following three legal entities that were raided by the California Bar today in an effort to shutdown the mass joinder marketing operations that were selling consumers access to a lawsuit against their lender.

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Kramer & Kaslow and Phillip Kramer, Esq. Updates

August 17, 2010 – Offices raided by California Bar.

Law Office of Mitchell Stein and Mitchell Stein, Esq. Updates

August 17, 2010 – Offices raided by California Bar.

Mesa Law Updates

August 17, 2010 – Offices raided by California Bar.


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  • okay the TRO expired 9-31-2011. Have the lawyers been charged have their files been released or can th ecase move forward against the banks?

  • FROM JOHN WRIGHT- No info on his sight regarding any of this tho- JeffreyApril 8, 2011 at 11:59 amThanks John,I asked one of Phillip Kramer’s associates the same question and this is their reply.=======================================Two years ago Mitchell J. Stein, three other attorneys and Mitchell’s friend and colleague Philip Kramer put their heads together and came up with a lawsuit to force the banks to make the loan mods that they were no longer making and to punish them for defying the law.So the first case was Ronald v. BofA, which is now two year old and on it’s fifth amendment. That was
    the “test case” and now that it has passed nearly half a dozen legal hurdles, Mr. Kramer filed his own case against BofA (as well as five others against the likes of Chase, Wells, Citi and OneWest.)I don’t know the story behind Brookstone Law – if there is any connection with Stein or Kramer – but evidently they liked what they saw with Ronald and decided to
    file their own.I don’t think that the date of filing makes any difference. If Brookstone loses it would not prevent Ronald or Maxam from winning.So the only honest advise I can give you is that you would want to go with who you feel is the best lawyer because – and I’ve been told this by judges – if a case goes to trial it is a close case, and the best lawyer wins. So look at the lawyer bios, etc. and go with what feels right.

    • HIS REPLY- John WrightApril 8, 2011 at 6:12 pmThat sounded like a very good answer.
      Mr. Spivak will be the lead counsel on my case, in which I have been told by
      all the advocates that he has the best reputation. However, I have heard
      that Stein has most experience, whereas I have heard Kramer is just “ok,”
      but has a lot of controversy surrounding him regarding mailers or something.
      Thanks for sharing !
      My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!.John

    • That OneWest case is about the anger because his wife;s housewas foreclosed in Arizona. That case was started as his wife’s business name, Robany,  then it was resubmitted under her name as Tracey Hampton-Stein. That B of A lawsuit lists his wife as Tracey Hampton and she’s suppose to get a chunk out of that case. Even if won, that money would not  be equally distributed among homeowners. The AG did exactly what they should had done. These cases may had started legitimately but they became just another way to make money after a while. I guess that’s why Stein is claiming to make over $70mil off these lawsuit in the bankruptcy he filed. I guess when you brag you in articles listing your family’s names and their relationship with a former presidential family it’s kind of easy to finger out who are some of these lead plaintiffs.

      • They had the Arizona home under contract at $1 million plus. They lost the AZ home because they didn’t pay. Could have made money! Rather than close a million dollar deal they let it go to the bank who sold it for $350,000

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