Debt Resolution Group – Consumer Complaint 8-18-2011

Date This Problem Happened: August 1, 2010

State You Live in: Kentucky

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $10,000

Company Name: Debt Resolution Group

Company Address:

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

“I have been dealing with Debt Resolution Group for over a year.

They have taken out of my banking account around $10,000. I have called them, and the customer service number 1-800-449-0949 and 1-877-807-0312 and 1-954-237-8240 and they either hang up on me or say they will call me back and never do.

I can not find out what debts have been settled and which have not.

I have not heard anything by mail, telephone, or e-mail.

I need this information I am still receiving harassing mail and telephone calls. NoteWorld is nice but seem to know nothing they say they just sevice the account.

My account number they gave me once was [XX]. I have faxed them all offer I have got. I will have to get e-mail files together.

Mostly it has been on the phone. The reason I picked this company they said they would pay all debts by hedge fund and they would be paid up front then I would pay them.”

Note: Sure sounds like the “Debt Restructuring” hedge fund pitch I’ve warned people about here.

In fact this company appears to be pitching the entire debt restructuring package I covered in this article.

It is unfortunate the consumer got the outcome they did but is anyone surprised the debt buyer sales pitch didn’t work out as promised?

The domain is owned by:

Winston Mosbergen
1120 W LA VETA AVE STE 860
Orange, California 92868
[email protected]

Photos of the Debt Resolution Office

These photos come from their Facebook page. – Source

Major Concerns About Debt Resolution Group

From everything I see on their website it looks as if they are pitching and selling an unproven plan to resolve your debt. They also make dubious claims about how long it will take for your debt to be resolved.

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These claims seem to not be allowed under the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules for debt relief services and I can see no data to back up the claims.

The statements made on their FAQ page are dubious as well.

And what i find particularly odd is as I’ve shown above the sales pitch on the debt restructure page (look above at the image with the red arrows in it) is why it’s better than debt settlement but the home page of the Debt Resolution Group website has a NoteWorld video that promotes the benefits of debt settlement, over and over again. So which is it?

Home Page Video Capture Promoting the Same Debt Settlement They Slam

All of this makes me wonder more about the picture of their office above. Now that I’ve taken a good look at Debt Resolution Group I think they left out the captions in the picture. Here is what I think they should have said.

Talk about all sorts of red flags and alarms going off. Debt Resolution Group doesn’t even list there business location on their own website.

Serious Concerns About Debt Resolution Group

I have some serious concerns about Debt Resolution Group. Because the State of California corporation website is not operational at the moment, I’m unable to confirm the company is even registered to do business.

In checking out the companies address I ran into an interesting development. It appears Winston Mosbergen, the owner of the Debt Resolution Group domain is also the owner of Wintech Staffing Group which is listed in the building Mosbergen states in the domain registration.

Mosbergen doesn’t even list Debt Resolution Group as one of his companies.

My Advice

I have serious reservations about the debt restructure program and I’ve already covered extensively why I think the approach is a failure from the beginning.

I would waste no time in demanding a full refund, you can follow this refund process, and I would immediately follow that part of the process where you file complaints with the state Attorney General, FTC, and BBB.

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This mess is not going to end well. Get out while you still can and press hard to get your money back.

Update 8-19-2011

I was just able to get into the California State records and there is no company in California authorized to do business as Debt Resolution Group. Another red flag.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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8 thoughts on “Debt Resolution Group – Consumer Complaint 8-18-2011”

  1. Steve, the above article is completely ridiculous and very childish. Like most of your articles you don’t do a lot of homework before writing. We haven’t been doing any business in the debt settlement industry. Unfortunately we were a victim of “Hassan Kassir”. One month of working with Hassan we caught on to what he was doing unfortunately we had enrolled some clients into his “program”. I have tried to meet with Hassan to give me some answers, but I have been unsuccessful.  As you might have known if you did your homework Debt Resolution Group was only an affiliate of Next Generation Debt Settlement. We feel it’s our responsibility to at least answer the phone for the clients we enrolled with NextGen. This is why I have only employed one staff member to try and answer any concerns they might have. Since they are not getting any answers with NextGen. Again since we were only an affiliate of NextGen we are limited to what is going on with the progress of the program. Any faxes we get from any client we have been forwarding to NextGen. I am starting to question the legitimacy of your articles and how accurate the information is. I won’t hide behind my computer if you have any questions you can call me directly Mario Anaya 800-449-0949 ex.307
    Were the dialogue balloons necessary? That is very childish and unprofessional in your part.

    • You objected to the attempt at humor. Noted.

      But what part of the article is childish?

      A consumer had an issue, filled out a report and I took a look at the company they mentioned.

      I believe Hassan Kassir is the guy with Cyrus Global that was pushing the debt restructuring approach. It sounds like you feel you bought into the debt restructuring program they were pitching and it did not work out as planned.

      There is no need to question the legitimacy of the article. If there is something that is not reported factually I’m happy to post an update. But what is not factual?

      The affiliate only response is not going to be an out for you. The FTC has made it clear that entities that provide marketing, leads, or substantial assistance will be held just as liable.

      If you don’t believe me look at the chain of entities that is being dragged into the Washington State debt relief actions. The State of California also drags the affiliates in as well. Look at the mass joinder raids in the past couple of weeks that now includes marketers and affiliates.

      Your best shot and extracting yourself from this mess is to do everything you can to fight for this consumer publicly to get their money back.

      • Steve,
        We are doing anything we can to help the clients that are enrolled with “NextGen” Unfortunately the information we have regarding their case is limited. Every correspondence we get we have been forwarding.
        Our company is a victim of this extremely bad debt settlement company that was not in the position to effectively service the clients that we have enrolled into their program with very good intensions, and as of today, we are still trying to help those customers make contact with their office and/or partner Eli Smart by providing them with the most recent phone number and/or address that are aware of as they have been relocating frequently.  
        I certainly hope that you now have a better understanding of the one or few clients that may have contacted you that have not been properly serviced by Next Gen debt Settlement Company, the company that has the fiduciary responsibility for them. As you well know that at this particular point of their debt settlement program, only the Next Gen Debt Company can help them. 
        In addition, we have also contacted and welcomed NoteWorld into our office to stress to them our concerns about Next Gen and how we can help the clients we have enrolled with Next Gen. 
        You are correct we bought into a program that did not work as planned. This does not mean Debt Restructure won’t work. If the program is done correctly, and with good intentions I believe it could be the next big financial trend. Let’s be real Steve Loan Mod and Debt Settlement where all financial trends that happened. Unfortunately there has always and will always be people looking for next big thing. Let’s go back to the good old mortgage days. Any loan officer that can spell loan did loans! You did not have to be very smart to do a loan. Yet the big banks knew that if they threw big incentives ($) Loan officers will get “creative” and make a loan happen.  Debt Settlement has been around for a long time. I have been doing it before it became a trend; we never had these issues we have today. With loan officers without a job they brought in there bad habits to this industry (it’s very unfortunate). Yet we still have collection agencies doing by far worse jobs than some debt settlement companies. Look at debt restructure with an open mind if there’s no upfront fees, and you have the staff. Banks and 3rd party debt buyers could really benefit from it as well as the consumer.  Steve I am not offending anyone, but if one thing I have learned the majority of consumers are procrastinators they need someone to guide them. I can bet that 80% of people in some financial hardship don’t know where there statements are or their last year tax returns ect. I see it every day. People hate to think of who/what they owe, little do they want to spend hours on the phone taking care of their debt. America needs a good debt relief program. Again debt restructure can work… Steve it will be a pleasure if I can get a call from you and show you what I have been working on. I would really like to get your blessing on it. Mario Anaya800-4490949 ex. 307

        Mario Anaya 800-449-09490 x 307

        • What I’m waiting to see is some proof of concept that shows the consumer get’s 100% of their debt purchased at one time so as not to leave them in an incomplete situation.

          It’s the incomplete solutions that spiral down when collectors are still calling on some debts. That’s why collection pressure is the leading cause of bankruptcy filings.

          Nobody has shown me proof yet that all debt is purchased when the consumer enters the program, can you?

          I don’t think you answered the question about when is the consumer is going to get their refund from this post.

          I don’t need proof some future concept might work. I need proof that consumer has received a refund. No need to move forward when there is still past stuff to do right by.

          • I would be more than happy to refund any money back (whatever NextGen has distributed to us). Since I am only an affiliate of NextGen I am limited to the client’s information (or how much they have paid into the program). I only have a History ledger report from NoteWorld witch doesn’t show me much. Again I have been trying to get a hold of Hassan but no luck. I will do anything I can to help, they can contact me directly
            Mario Anaya 800-449-0949 ex.307

          •  Hi Mario,

            I emailed you just now. I just want to get the issue resolved and done with. Please let me know if there is anything I can provide you to help you with the refund request as I can give you as much information I can. Like you though I am really limited in what I can do but being that this company is partnered with you and the services you guys promote, I hope you have more of a say in things and that you follow through and do whatever you can to get myself and anyone else affected their money back.


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