Fred Hanna Lied That I Was Personally Served. – Tulley

“Dear Steve,

I used to be a GA resident but not anymore, however I usually check the court records online due to a case I’m helping my mother handle, I discovered that Fred Hanna took me to courts and lied that I was personally served, which I wasn’t and they filed that I was served 3 weeks prior to entering it in the court records so I’m very limited in time to response but I’m confused because I wasn’t served, I do not own a GA ID anymore and have moved for 2yrs now. I don’t even know the details of the lawsuit since I have no papers.

How do I fight this before a default judgment is made? I mean how can they lie to the court when you have to speak the whole truth at court? Can wage be garnished across states?


Dear Tulley,

Since time is limited and I want to make sure your legal rights are protected, you should contact a local attorney in Georgia near the court where the case was filed and get advice and/or representation for this issue.

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