How Can I Settle My Sallie Mae Student Loan Debt? – Roxanne

“Dear Steve,

Have consolidated Federal Student Loans in 1999. Was locked in at 7.5% interest rate. One of these loans is a Federal Subsidized and other is Federal Unsubsidized.

I have been current on my loans and my balance is over 80,000. I would like to know how I can get them to take a discounted payment in order to pay off my balance in full. They told me that since these are Federal Loans there is not discounted payoff available.

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My loans are in process of being transferred to Sallie Mae. Can you tell me how I can offer an amount that is less than the full balance due that they may settle on?


Dear Roxanne,

It is unlikely they will entertain any settlement offer. There is no reason for them to settle for less since they have the full power of the law behind them if you don’t repay your contractual amount due.

If you fall delinquent they can add a big balance as a collection fee, intercept your tax refunds, report you delinquent on your credit report, and garnish your wages.

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