I Was Going to Sign the Retainer for UFAN but Now I’m Scared I’m Being Scammed. – Tony

“Dear Steve,

I do not have information to share but rather need information.

My date for sale has been given by the bank as Oct 15th, I was already to sign up with the UFAN group until I found some discrepancies with the retainer contract and what the affiliate explained to me prior and then reading your posts all made me steer away.

But I do need help in such a bad way, Ive been working with the bank for over a year and they have been extending my sale date until recently when they notified me of the decline to the modification process.

I am just in some much confusion after the bad news and dont know where to turn, I refuse to give up the fight for my home that I raised all my children in for the past 22 years. Please can you give me any suggestions to an atty that has some proven track record of actually done this type of litigation with the scam factor everyone is speaking of. Desperate!


Dear Tony,

I’m going to reach out to Kristin Crone from UFAN, the head honcho, and ask her to respond to your situation in the comments here.

But as I see it we have two issues here. The first is what you can do to keep your home and avoid foreclosure.

The second is statements the affiliate marketer may have made to you that concern you and leave you feeling as if this isn’t a kosher offer.

We can get to the bottom of this and help get you headed in the right direction but I need some more information.

Have you already spoke with an attorney at UFAN or only the marketer?

And if you spoke to an attorney, which one and what did they say they could do to help you keep a home it appears you can’t afford?

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Post your responses in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “I Was Going to Sign the Retainer for UFAN but Now I’m Scared I’m Being Scammed. – Tony”

  1. Tony…hope you didn’t sign up with UFAN. It is a rip off, My house sold at auction while I was being represented by UFAN and I had to let the attorney assigned to my case know the house sold. She was clueless from start to finish.

  2. Tony,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation.  Hopefully, I can help.  I first want to make a few comments about your foreclosure related issues, but do not reply with specific facts related to your case.  Posting such facts on a public forum would eliminate the attorney-client privilege.  You should only discuss the facts of your case one-on-one with an attorney.

    It has been my experience that foreclosure prevention is hit or miss.  New decisions, laws, and opinions are coming out daily.  Some are for the banks and some are against.  Seemingly, the banks change foreclosure policy everytime something new comes out.  Postponements have been utterly unpredictable.  We have, however, been more successful than not in our overall postponement attempts.  But, the chances of success seem to decrease significantly for clients who have not made a payment in over 1 year.  Sometimes, you can increase your chances of success by submitting another loan modification request.  UFAN does not provide loan modification services, so this request is something you would be required to submit on your own even if you choose to retain us. 

    UFAN takes a foreclosure protection (not prevention) approach to foreclosure defense.  We first try to prevent and then try to protect.  At some point, if a borrower has not made mortgage payments, the property will be foreclosed.  That is just reality.  We put protections in place, such as a lis pendens, prior to the foreclosure that allow us to continue fighting to keep homeowners in their properties post-foreclosure.  This generally requires a fight in unlawful detainer court.  Unfortunately, some counties are more receptive to our arguments than others.  If you schedule a complimentary attorney consultation, the attorney will discuss these procedures with you fully. 

    The other issue of which you should be aware is that there are sometimes timing issues with joinder actions and fighting foreclosure.  A joinder action is filed for the good of everyone included.  We cannot time the filings to suit one individual client.  When you are facing foreclosure and subsequent unlawful detainer, you will want to discuss the timing of the joinder filing with the intake attorney during consultation.  In some cases, we may have to represent you individually to give you the best chances of actually staying in your home. 

    Now I’d like to turn to the concerns you have in regard to comments made by my staff.  I always investigate statements made by my staff.  I take seriously UFAN’s initial client contacts and want to make certain that UFAN has it’s best foot forward.  Please let me know what comments were made and to whom you spoke.  UFAN has a strict employee policy in regard to client contact.  But, I can only enforce the policy when I am alerted to what has been said.  You can post the comments here if you like but I would appreciate it if you did not place the name of the person involved on a public forum.  Sometimes there are miscommunications.  You can write me directly at [email protected]
    I always recommend that my potential clients explore all of their options.  There are some really great attorneys practicing in this area of law.  You should find a firm with which you are comfortable.  Always check the state bar website for complaints:  http://www.calbar.ca.gov.  You can also google the attorneys to look for recommendations.  As far as joinder firms, the only one I would suggest looking up (other than UFAN of course) is Brookstone.  As far as I know, they are legitimate.  But, I don’t think they offer foreclosure related services – I could be mistaken. 


    Kristin Crone, Esq.
    UFAN Legal Group, PC

    • Tony,

      I think Kristin Crone’s response is wonderful. I’d take her up on the offer to share what the representative told you so we can ferret out any bad actors that might be saying stuff that’s misleading or not true.

      She did raise an excellent question in her response. Have you been making your mortgage payments? If not, when was the last time you did make a payment?



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