Will I Be Arrested on My Flight to China Through Abu Dhabi? – Robert

“Dear Steve,

After loosing my job in UAE, I left the country to be back in my HOME country.
After 6 months, I received many SMS or email taht a police case was open against me.
Finally I find a job in China and will fly to Beijing but with connection flight in Abu Dhabi.

Do you think that is dangerous for me to use this flight or I have to take another flight with no connection in UAE or GCC Countries from Euorpe to Beijing ?


Dear Robert,

Others in similar situations have reported they were able to make connecting flights in the UAE without a problem. I realize it is a very stressful situation but based on the comments I have read here from others, it appears to not be an issue.

Now, if the UAE was your final destination, that would be a different matter.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  1. Be careful with connecting flights through the UAE, especially if the second leg is delayed for any reason. If there is a delay, DO NOT go through passport control. I was caught out earlier this year when my second flight to Bangkok was delayed by eight or nine hours and I was given a hotel voucher and told to leave through passport control to go to the hotel. I was picked up, despite having an agreement in place in the UK for the debt AND having been into AD last year without a problem (the debt was from 2007)! I ended up being carted off to Dubai, but managed to get released after 12 hours thanks to some friends who pulled some strings and a visit from the bank representative who made me agree a new payment plan.


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