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My Husband Was Ill So He Went to College. – Rhonda

“Dear Steve,

My husband be ill and couldn’t go back to job. So he went to college. and now we are drowning in debt. Im at the end of rope just trying to find out how I can pay all this off.

wanting the best way to pay debt off


Dear Rhonda,

I’m not sure where to best start in answering your question. Obviously taking on college debt would require it to be paid so I’m just crossing my fingers that he is no longer ill and able to work if he can find a job.

And I’ve got my toes crossed he does not have private student loans and instead has government backed loans. If they are government loans, tell him to contact his loan servicer and ask about the Income Based Repayment program (IBR). The IBR program can give him a payment he can afford based on his income. It’s the most flexible repayment program I am aware of.

I’m sensing that student loans are not the entirety of your debt problem. Can you post a response in the comments section below and give me some more information exactly what debts you are drowning in, please.

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  • Credit cards. And yes we have just started the ibr . He does have job now it seems we have more going out then coming in. Trying to see how we can pay some of this down. 

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