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“Dear Steve,

I have indebted myself with credit cards and bank loan due to the education of my children here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My obligations with the banks were in control in the beginning until some tragedies in the family forced me to set aside regular banks payments and now I become a default client and the banks are giving me a lot of pressure to pay them back.

Do the bank has the legal right to send faxes to our office stating all my liabilities? The fax has a title of “STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” but, naturally, it’s an office and everybody can read any incoming faxes.

They exposed to public my situation eventhough there is no any criminal case is filed yet. Thank you


Dear Lito,

When it comes to dealing with debt in the UAE it seems like there are very few rules. And it is the one, if not the only place, I’m aware of where people are thrown in jail for debt. In many parts of the world that has not existed for a very long time.

I assume you’ve already told them it is not a private means of communication and they are probably using that as a way to pressure you into payment. There are a number of ways to deal with this.

  1. Tell people in your office about your situation and let them know what is going on. This way it does not have to be the secret you are afraid of but the truth that becomes a non-issue. It may even become a matter of humor as someone brings you yet the next fax. “Hey Lito, here’s another one.”
  2. You can negotiate a suitable repayment arrangement with the bank that you both agree to. This is the best solution.
  3. You can contact an attorney in the UAE and ask them what your rights are and course of action may be via the courts there.
  4. You can do nothing and the bank may file a criminal case against you and arrest you. This is the least attractive possibility since it can result in a travel ban against you and may land you in jail.

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