Knocked Hard and Took Out Payday Loans. Husband Now Unable to Work.

“Dear Steve,

Our family has had several hard knocks lately which has led me to take out several payday loans to the point of paying ALL of my paycheck every two weeks to the lenders. My husband’s check covered our rent, utilities, etc., but he was involved in an accident and is now unable to work.

Are there any LEGITIMATE consolidation programs that can help me, or can you tell me how to do it myself. I am afraid that it is going to lead me to jail and losing MY job if I don’t get some assistance. PLEASE HELP!!


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Dear Nancy,

This is not going to lead to jail but it will need to be addressed.

Based on the situation you describe it is unlikely you would qualify for a debt consolidation loan or be able to make enough extra income to dig yourself out of this hole.

I would suggest that for now you stop paying the payday lender and use that money for rent and utilities that your husband is unable to cover. As soon as your husband is able to work again you are most likely going to have to file bankruptcy to deal with the mountain of problem debt that is building.

The key though is waiting till he can earn again will you file so you can include any bills that you can’t pay now in the bankruptcy when you get back on your feet.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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