I Went to Jail for Larceny Committed by Someone That Stole My Identity. – Kam

“Dear Steve,

I had a “friend” steal my info years ago (along with ex i’m hiding from) she has used it through the years! I had to bankrupt $50k + and still haven’t been able to get apts, credit, house, nothing! I recently got a suspension on my D.License because of her.. She murdered some kid, and was part of id theft ring. So i finally got my lic. back, and letter from courts that it wasn’t me! But have been trying to get credit, etc back over the years, they wouldn’t even do a police report! I finally got that done, and it’s been about 10+ years or so! SSA says they can’t give new ssn, and because of her using my info i now have a felony for larceny! They said to contact all the creditors one by one.. that’s impossible! I ended up in prison because of her, and the lawyer didn’t do anything to defend me! It took 3 years away from my children. I now keep to myself, to avoid people of that kind.

There’s so much CRAP on my credit, recent, and older stuff that’s been re-dated. over and over again. I tried to prove to the apt complex that she used my name at.. that it wasn’t me with no luck.. she gave my d.L. info to a state trooper, and they took it! She looks nothing like me! Now she’s deceased and my info is still out there! There’s no help for ID THEFT VICTIMS! What can i do to get a fresh start for me and my family?

What can i do to get a fresh start for me and my family? How can i build credit, when i have no job because i can’t pass the background check, and have little money? Please, any help would be appreciated. I’m not getting any younger.

I now have a new D. License, and a name change that i never used (sealed) with the courts..I have seen my name change name on my cbi…am i screwed?

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Please help!


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Dear Kam,

Well if there is any good news in this it’s the she won’t be doing this again.

The best place to start on this would be with a consolidated credit report. The consolidated credit will show you what each of the credit bureaus as showing. It will also give you instructions on how to post a message about the past identity theft.

Once you dispute any information appearing on your current report it will be verified. If you have information that is not removed following that process, then contact the creditor directly. If they will update it on their end it will stop the reporting altogether.

Rebuilding good credit is a relatively simple process. Just follow this guide.

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