Is The Prudential Law Group in California, Legitimate or a Scam?

“Dear Steve,

I received a notice in the mail claming to represent the former owner of my mortgage loan. The notice was attempting to advise me that I qualify for a mortgage assistance program to lower my payments. I found it fishy so I called the number to learn more details.

The person I spoke to sounded confident but was very hesitant on telling me the name of his company. We agreed on exchanging e-mail addresses and when I got his e-mail I went to the site for details about the company and red flags came up.

Now, I’m curious because there’s no listing of an address. I was going to Google the company name, but because my browser fills in options for complete phrases based on the name, I saw the name come up.

Is The Prudential Law Group (based in California) legitimate or a scam?


Dear Lynda,

If you received an unsolicited mailer for mortgage modification services I would be cautious. So many outfits have been sending out mailers and then selling consumers expensive services to deal with their mortgage issue.

What I find missing in many of these sales pitches is the mention that you can investigate your modification options for free by calling your bank directly or speaking with a local HUD Housing Counselor.

You were right, while the Prudential Law Group website lists their telephone number, 866-920-9081, they do not list a physical street address.

Even the email you forwarded me is silent on this as well. That’s another red flag for me.

The other interesting bit of the email is that it gives you a link to the California Bar client security fund information but does not ask you for money. The only reason I can think of to have this random link there is the request for money is coming.

The email also contains a link to attorney Pamela Gressier. California Bar records actually say Gressier is actually with the firm:

See also  Prudential Law Group - Consumer Complaint - 5-24-2012

Duarte, Gressier & Menezes, LLP
17215 Studebaker Rd Ste 240
Cerritos, CA 90703
[email protected]

A search of California corporate records could not find any company named Prudential Law Group that is authorized to conduct business.

The last public domain listing for on 6-24-2011 says that it was owned by:

Secured Processing Inc.
4500 Campus Dr #235
Newport Beach, California 92692
Nathaniel Ferrer [email protected]

The domain is hosted on the same server with:

My advice, run away, talk to your bank, a HUD Housing Counselor and/or get a second opinion directly from a real estate attorney you proactively select. My spidey-sense is twitching on what I’ve see so far.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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77 thoughts on “Is The Prudential Law Group in California, Legitimate or a Scam?”

  1. Prudent Law Group, robbed me of my life savings 3500.00 and did nothing to help. Made promises they could not keep. Had me send my money to them instead of paying my mortgage so that they SAID would keep me out of forclosure, cut my mortgage in half and lower my interest rate. 7 months later I have been served and am working with a non profit org. I have lost valuable time and all my savings. Read Steve’s reply and heed his warning they are NOT LEGITIMATE! ( I would like to post my whole story as I have it written out. ) I have not figured out where to put it because I have names and dates etc. It seems to long for a review on 2 sites so far. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can make this story go viral let me know. I want to save people like myself. ( btw I am in the med field with 22 years of school and a single woman taking care of a disabled woman) They have no mercy and my education did not help me when the telemarketers got ahold of me in a desperate state. That is all they are. My room mate used to run call centers. Had I let her see the flyer and make the call she would have recognized it as a marketing lead, and the sales people and closers on the phone with their one call close and objection rebuttle process. I did not know. I thought I was talking to a law firm affiliated with my Bank as it stated on the official looking mailer (lead). I pray that I do not lose my home, but I have every intention of doing everything legally within my power to bring them down. They are theives working on commission and stealing from desperate people including single woman and disabled persons. The lord says, “Vengeance is mine”. They will get what they deserve either way. I would just like to save others from my fate and assist God in Contacting the proper authorites.

    • Everyone on here that posted about Prudent Law is absolutely correct with what they are saying about these people. They are SCAMMERS and they go by many names. They change their company name all the time in order to stay ahead of the law. They change their names and you will no doubt be able to stay in contact with the person who signed you up and said your mortgage would be approved and that you qualify for the modification. It’s true what one person posted how do these people know in a 10 minute conversation if your approved or not. They make everything sound really good and they are able to suck you right into their web knowing darn well they are not going to be able to get you a modification. By the time you realize it, they have taken your money, your home may go into foreclosure, and don’t plan on them being able to help you with that because they are in California and unless they are a licensed attorney in your state they can do nothing for you, don’t be fooled. By this time, your wondering what is going on so you decide to call and talk to the person who signed you up and get the answer we have no one by that name, you may try and call the person and don’t be surprised if you get “sorry the number you are trying is disconnected”, you might even e-mail the person and you’ll get a error message that it was undeliverable !!!!! Try calling the number that is on the paperwork and you’ll get someone telling you that they will get the message to who ever you are wanting to talk too…Good Luck with that one too !!!! These people are nothing but crooks, who are out for themselves and could care less about the people they have hustled. All they do is shuffle papers around and you’ll never have enough paperwork faxed in for these bafoons. It will always be we still need this or that. “Really, what the hell are you people doing with it, EATIN IT”. They are liars, cheats and scammers and all I can say is their day will come and when it does, they won’t know what hit them. I have found out other names they go under…..of course Prudent Law, Remedy Law Center, Remedy Law Group, Remedy Center, Remedy Center Assoc., Home Remedy Law Group, Novation Law Center, Remedy Law and Secured Processing, just to name a few. From what I’m told Matt Brinks and Pam Gresser check her out under the California State Bar, there are 15 or so reprimands on her file. Oh and if you happen to have a business look under DnB reports it will show that Remedy Law is clean, well, DnB doesn’t have a clean record so look them up as well. Money talks and if you want your business to look good pay enough money and they can make it happen !!! Do Not do business with any of these firms, they are bad news. Do your homework before falling into their web. Call your lender and talk with them and see what can be worked out, but don’t spend your money with these people !!!!!!! There is a lot of scams nowadays due to the economy and people fall into this kind of stuff very easy out of desperation. Talk to a reputable attorney that you know or a trusted person you know, but NOT THESE PEOPLE !!!!!!

  2. As an underwriter for a real estate law firm here is the TRUTH folks: your lender, as long as they participated in the bailout mess of ’09, CAN modify you. Here’s the problem though: usually they drag you along and it takes on average 8+ months for the lender to modify you. During that time you have to be behind on your mortgage otherwise you don’t qualify for the modification. Problem with being behind more than 4 months (in some states as low as 2) the lender can legally file you with a foreclosure and possibly sell your home at auction. I’ve seen this, OFTEN! Also, if you are behind on your mortgage what the lender usually does is take what you owe in arrears and add it on top of your modified payment whereas what a law firm negotiates is to put the arrears on the back end of the loan and you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket up front. The difference with hiring a firm to do it for you is that your attorney will mitigate for the best possible outcome for you as opposed to a bank who will give you a modification that best favors them financially and that’s that. Google modification results with banks if you don’t believe me…

    I just spoke to a lady who decided she wanted to go through her bank instead of hiring the firm to do it for her because she did not want to spend the $$$, which I can understand. After 13 months she finally got her “modification” here’s what she got: Principle + interest = $2,234. Escrow = $900 Total payment = $3,134 AND with a step-mod NOT a fixed that increases the % rate every 2 years WITH a balloon payment due after 20 years. Her payment before the modification was $3,089. So you tell me, how did the banks actually help her? 

    No one HAS to hire a firm to do anything for them. It’s an option. But if you want the best results your best option is to hire a professional, that has experience in real estate law to get you the best possible outcome. Make sure you do your due diligence and verify that the attorney you are hiring is in good standards. And the phrase “as low as 2%” is absolutely NOT fiction. It depends on each individual case and not EVERYONE gets a 2%. I just got a case approved for, here it comes: 2% fixed 30 year AND $140,000 principle reduction. So is it possible? Yes it actually is, it just depends on YOUR case. I am not going to leave the name of the firm I work for or my name because then I will be labeled as someone who is attempting to solicit business, which I personally do not benefit from anyways since I am only an underwriter but I want people to be educated. Knowledge is power!

  3. Beware “prudential Law group ” because of their lye and  false promise we are in the process of  losing our home in foreclosure. Last week i called our lender MERIWEST Mortgage and asked about where we are on the process of our mortgage Lon  modification, the respond was shocking and really upsetting. I remembered talking to a guy with  the Prudent Law Group keep saying don’t answer any call from your lender and don’t give any information from now on we are dealing with them and you will have your new payment starts in April 1 2012. this words said in January of this year. to do this they charge $3500.00+  and they sent the UPS guy to collect the check from your home the next business day. they are fast and greedy, be careful. 

  4. Has anyone noticed the similarity. Prudential Law Group appears to have changed their name to Phillips Law Center PLC. The same photo is on both their home pages and to no surprise Prudentials page is now inaccessible and there phone numbers no longer work. The gentleman I spoke with in september 2011 now answers to a different last name (but still the same first) at Phillips and claims hes never heard of the previous person or the firm. Im convinced its the same person. Both mailings I answered too are identical except for the phone numbers, of course. Just for the record, this only my connect the dots opinion. see for yourself. Photo above… versus current photo at Phillips….hmm…scam…maybe. 

    • Was wondering if you have heard of Elite Legal Group or Elite Financial Solutions? I have been trying to call Arturo Torres there because that is supposedly who is running the company. I only see a Claudia Flores as an owner but Arturo is all over the place advertising this company. I have even seen something on a social website and one for businesses trying to find another number to contact him.


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