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Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation (CAPC) – Consumer Complaint 10-23-2011

Date This Problem Happened: September 15, 2011

State You Live in: Wissconsin

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,800

Company Name: Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation

Company Address:

5816 Dryden Place
Carlbad, CA 92008

Company Telephone Number: 888-533-3016

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

I was with a debt management program called Johnson Law Group PLLC of Orlando, Fl (407) 678-7100 for approximately 2 years.

I have five credit cards that were agreed to be paid monthly by Johnson through automatic withdraw from my checking account.

I receive all credit card statements monthly, and do check them over thoroughly. I always noticed on three credit cards it showing as being paid late.

I called Johnson law group twice on this issue, and they told me to not worry about it because with the timing when it comes out of my account to when Johnson pays the creditor, it will definately be 30 days or less late, so it will show on my credit report as being paid on time #1 not a #2 (which it did).

In August (letterhead has the date August 1st 2011) Johnson Law Group sent a letter along with case # SC11-622 stating our debt management account has been assigned to Consumer Alliance Processing Corporation of Carlbad, CA (888) 533-3016. Johnson law group has lost its license to practice law in Florida, as well as doing debt management.

The letter explains that nothing will change and stay as previously set up. In addition there were “frequently asked questions” on the letter such as; 1. Will I need to start over on my debt management plan? Answer is NO. 2. Will I need to go through a new transition period? Answer is NO. 3. Will my automatic deduction or payment change? NO. 4. Is this transfer to Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation automatic? Yes.

About one week later, I recieved a letter from Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation (letterhead has the date of August 13th of 2011) stating that Johnson Law Group effective 09/01/2011 has assigned my debt to Consumers Alliance. The letter says that Consumers Alliance has an excellent rating with the better business bureau and to beware of unlicensed agencies who attempt to take over my debt management. Also, in bold underlined letter it said “YOU MUST RETURN THE ENCLOSED ACH AUTHORIZATIONFORM IMMEDIATELY IN ORDER FOR YOU PAYMENT TO BE MADE ON TIME. YOU MAY RETURN THIS DOCUMENT BY E-MAIL, FAX OR US MAIL.

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My wife and I signed it and sent it US mail the following day. On the bottom of the letter, the same four “frequently asked questions” as i wrote above from Johnson are explained exactly the same.

Consumer Action Taken:

After the signed letter went out a few weeks later I had three voicemails on my cell phone. The first two I didn’t take to serious because they said they were a company called Consumer Alliance and could I please get back to them. The third voicemail said that if I do not pay, Consumer Alliance will drop me and I will have to pay the creditiors on my own.

Truthfully, I thought the first two messages were from a company trying to sell me something new. The third message, I put two & two together immediately. Consumers Alliance stated enough on the voicemail where I needed to go through my mail and see if that’s my new debt managent program. Sure enough, it was.

I then new I had some work to do. First I contacted Consumers Alliance and spoke to a Customer service rep. They tried but were unable to answer my questions. I then asked for a manager (Rebecca Consumer Alliance Manager) She said I have not paid for the month of August yet. I say OK, I thought it automatically comes out of my checking account.

She says “It does, but Johnson law group screwed up and was supposed pay the August payments”. I replied “It came out of my checking account on July 28th to be paid to my creditors in August” Rebecca said again “It is Johnson law group fault, not ours for the August 28th payment to not automatically withdraw from your checking”. I replied. “Who is the customer here, I belive it is me. I pay a fee for this service. It was the decision of Consumer Alliance to take on the many new customers formally from Johnson Law Group.”

From this time forward, when I Called Consumers Alliance, I asked whoever I was speaking to to type what I’m saying in the “notes section” of the computer. I also asked if my voice was being recorded over the phone, and they said “YES” and I said “That’s Good” Anyway, I spent at least three hours with Consumers Alliance. Just to include a few names Nicole (customer service rep) Rebecca (Consumer Alliance Supervisor) Tony P (customer service manager) and really wanted to speak with Joanne the owner/president, but she was never available.

I also spent at least ten hours on the phone with my credit cards, and it ultimately comes down to this. They are over 30 days late, and the credit reporting agency is automatically notified, and my wife and I will have a “2” on three credit cards which can beon our report as much as three years. Our score will go down significantly.

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Also I did pay two payments in September to Consumers Alliance (Sept 22 and Sept 28 for $359 Each) , but unfortunately it was to late, the damage is done. And last, I browsed over Consumers Alliance website and noticed a link called ACC Pros.

I clicked on the link and it gave very detailed information on how this service protects the customer. It even gave the name (Lori P) and phone number 1-866-278-1567 to call her, so I did.

I explained the situation to Lori, and she was very nice. I felt that she truly was going to help me. I asked her to get a hold of Consumers Alliance and talk about my situation, and possibly other customers, as well.

She said she is in regular contact with Tony P (Customer Service Manager) and (Joanne President/owner) and would talk with them, then call me back.

Well, she did call me a couple days later with a whole new attitude. She was very short, and I heard her as being angry with me, and trying to be on the side of Consumers Alliance.

By the way, Lori P of ACC Pros is the only individual on the payroll of this business. She tells me it is strictly a NON profit organization. Boy would I love to see what she is paying herself in wages!!!!!!

Steve Statement

We sent a letter to the company at the address given by the consumer and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

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